Fenerbahce club president Ali Koç responded to the words of Galatasaray club president Dursun Ozbek about previous championships in 1959.

Fenerbahce have published a statement by Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek about championships until 1959. In a statement made on the yellow and blue club’s social media, Özbek was reminded of the invitation made in 2021 and the following expressions were used:

“About the statements that they made one after another for several days, and finally, about their statements reflected in the press today;

President of the GS, who determined the championship program of our club until 1959. This reminds us of our invitation to Uzbekistan in 2021;

We invite them, or the names they designate, to speak the whole truth in the environment they want!”


Galatasaray president Dursun Özbek made press statements at the yellow-red club’s sponsorship agreement ceremony and praised Fenerbahçe’s request to investigate pre-1959 championships and the decision of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to set up a commission to investigate the matter.

President Ozbek: “The event is clear and not subject to discussion!” Where have you been for 20 years bro? The away Turkish league started in 1959. In 2001, 1 star was given to those who won 5 championships. Who made this decision? TFF. This decision was made not by the Galatasaray club, but by the TFF. At that time, Besiktas applied for and won the right to win two championships. Where have you been for 20 years bro? You are now raising an issue that has not been on the agenda for 20 years. This is the point. The last decision of the FSF is extremely illegal. We will go to Arbitration on this matter. What does Turkish football need now? We are in a financial crisis, is anyone talking about this? No. The failure was knee-deep. What is it: “I had stars before Christ, where are they?” we’re talking.” used the words.

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