A prison sentence of up to 13 years was requested for Ayşe Özkiraz, who worked at the Tekirdag State Hospital in Çerkezköy with a fake diploma and was arrested when the truth came out. Unfortunately, the fake doctor Ozkiraz was sentenced to only 8 years in prison and fined 18,000 liras and released. Let’s remember once again what happened to Ayse Ozkiraz:

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It turned out that the diploma of Ayse Ozkiraz, who has been working as a general practitioner for about a year at the State Hospital of the Çerkezkoy region of Tekirdag, was fake.

He said he got an 81 in the Medical Specialization Examination (TUS) and that he was a pediatrician. However, after giving conflicting answers on medical issues, the doctors at the hospital became suspicious and an investigation was launched against Ozkiraz. As a result of the investigation, it turned out that Ayse Ozkiraz was a high school graduate, and the fake doctor was arrested.

As a pediatrician, he uprooted

Ayse Ozkiraz

Suspecting a fake doctor, his so-called colleagues asked Aisha Ozkiraz various medical questions. Ozkiraz, who is allegedly a graduate of Capa’s medical school, gave conflicting answers to these questions, further heightening suspicion. The doctors reported the situation to the hospital management, and the case was referred to the district akimat and the district health department.

His fake diplomas came out of his house

Ayse Ozkiraz

An application to initiate a criminal case was filed with the Chief Prosecutor’s Office by Cherkezkoy. After the arrest of Ayse Ozkiraz, her house was searched. During this search, many fake university IDs, fake doctors’ IDs, fake diplomas, hospital IDs, surgical uniforms, fake nameplates were seized. In addition, it was revealed that Ozkiraz also shared photos of his surgeries on his social media account.

After Ozkiraz was sent to the Tekirdag T-type prison, she appealed against this decision through her lawyer. Ozkiraz appeared before the 5th Criminal Court of First Instance Čerkezkoy on charges of “forgery of official documents”, “forgery of personal documents” and “opposition to Law No. 1219, which governs the crimes of unauthorized doctors”.

The fake doctor who came to his 5th hearing said that he was sorry for what he had done, that he only got stitches once and that he had no financial gain. Ozkiraz’s lawyer also demanded his release, stating that his client used the title of doctor but did not receive any financial benefit.

The decision was made to evacuate.

A panel of judges sentenced Ayşe Özkiraz to 8 years in prison, 1 year for “forgery of a private document”, 3 years for “falsification of official documents”, 4 years for “violation of the law governing the crimes of unauthorized doctors” and a judicial fine of 18,000 lira. It was decided to release Ozkiraz.

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