The modern world can sometimes seem so wild with all the tech gadgets invented. There are phones that fold up, paper-thin screens, in-ear headphones that can translate languages ​​in real time, and AI rendering apps that can create a realistic piece of art with little text or another image.

Artificial intelligence is nothing new to image production. But over the past few years, great strides have been made making it a more accessible and interesting option. If you want to start exploring the possibilities of AI, we have put together some AI image generators for you to try. Here we have listed the 8 best AI-powered image creation apps for you👇

night cafe

You can go to the NightCafe page via the link here.

Millions of people use NightCafe every month. With NightCafe, you not only create uniquely beautiful works of art in seconds, but also gain access to a vibrant AI art community.

To encourage competition and a greater sense of community, NightCafe runs daily AI art competitions that let you test your skills.

Every day, thousands of people participate in the competition and vote for works in the community. These daily contests at NightCafe are a great way to improve the art of artificial intelligence.

Jasper Art

AI rendering

You can go to the Jasper Art page via the link here.

If you’re into rendering or writing AI, Jasper Art is a great option. You can use Jasper for ads, blog posts or social media texts. Since Jasper reads 10% of the internet, the content he can create is quite interesting. But their texts with artificial intelligence are not yet comparable with the texts of real writers. AI rendering, on the other hand, is advanced enough to create realistic images based on text.

Instead of spending hours scanning through stock photos to find the perfect image that represents what you’re trying to convey on a blog or social media post, Jasper Art can create something new and unique in seconds. Any photos created with Jasper are royalty-free and don’t include watermarks.

All you have to do is write as detailed a newsletter as possible for the best results. You can then specify the art environment where you want to display the AI ​​image, which artist’s style to emulate. After Jasper reads the text you write, it will create a set of four AI-generated images in seconds. You can save the photos you want and share them anywhere.


AI rendering

You can go to the DALL-E 2 page by clicking here.

DALL-E 2 lets you create images you thought were impossible from source text. OpenAI first introduced DALL-E in January 2021. A year later, the company introduced the new improved DALL-E 2 camera, which allows you to take photos four times more realistic and with higher resolution.

To use DALL-E, all you have to do is create an account to start your trial. Your DALL-E 2 trial account is free, with 50 credits for the first month and 15 free credits for each month thereafter. Once you have an idea for a photo, you will enter a detailed text description into DALL-E 2, creating many AI options to choose from.

If you don’t like what you see or want to make some changes to it, you can change your text description and make realistic changes to existing images, such as adding or removing objects from a photo.

Dream by WOMBO

AI rendering

You can go to the Dream by WOMBO page by clicking here.

In addition to the web browser, Dream by WOMBO can be used to get apps from Android and iOS device app markets. You can write whatever you want on the info line, up to 200 characters. Whether you want to combine ideas or stick to something simple, Dream by WOMBO makes it easy.

Look for things like a cat drinking coffee, a lost village in the mountains, or a wild forest, and access unique images with artificial intelligence in seconds. For an even more unique look, you can combine any of the queries as above, or add additional details, such as the color of a cat drinking coffee, or the weather on the mountain of the secret village.

Once you choose your desire, you can choose between different art styles for your AI-generated image, such as funny, realistic, analog, or painterly. If you’re not satisfied with your first try, you can tweak as needed and even check other people’s recommendations for inspiration.

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photo sound

AI rendering

You can go to the Photosonic page via the link here.

Photosonic is defined as an artificial intelligence web tool that draws your queries with pixels. It works similar to the other AI rendering apps on the list, starting with a detailed explanation from you.

When you fill in the text space, you can use it for drawing, fantasy, anime, 3D, cartoon, sci-fi, photography, etc. You can choose from various image formats such as You have all rights to use any images, that PhotoSonic creates for you, for personal or commercial purposes, as long as you comply with the terms and conditions of service.

To use Photosonic, you need to register for free and you will automatically receive some free credits to start creating AI-generated images.


AI rendering

You can go to the starryai page from the link here.

If you want to create an AI image with your phone, starryai is a great option for both Android and iOS users.

Wherever you are, when a crazy thought comes to your mind, you can go to the starryai app, write any text and wait for the AI ​​images to appear in minutes. After entering your idea as text into the AI ​​image creation space, you can choose from various models, art styles, image aspect ratios, and source images.

The application uses the latest artificial intelligence techniques to create personalized drawings that suit you. In any case, you don’t need to understand what’s going on behind the scenes to use starray. The app is completely free to download and use. Starryai gives five unwatermarked credits for free every day for a total of 25 credits.

stable diffusion

You can go to the Stable Diffusion page via the link here.

Stable Diffusion creates photorealistic images from virtually any typed text and uses a latent text-to-image diffusion model to do this. Diffusion Model: This is a type of machine learning that can generate new data based on continuously running training data.

This tool is completely free to use in your web browser and none of your data is stored or used for personal gain, including your personal data, AI-generated text and images. Within seconds, Stable Diffusion can create high-quality images from a single sentence.

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You can download the Lensa app from the Android and iOS stores.

The Lensa app is one of the most popular AI avatar creation options on Android and iOS mobile devices. The app has taken the world by storm and many people have shared their favorite AI-generated avatars on social media. Lensa’s AI technology can create multiple stunning magical avatars that bring out your best features from a single photo.

You can also turn your photos into digital art. Instead of waiting for Lensa to create multiple unique avatars from a single image, you can ask Lensa to create a photo of you that resembles a cartoon or other animated character. There are quite a few filters to choose from. Each of these filters has a different art style. Once you’ve selected a selfie, you can scroll through these filters until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Along with AI capabilities, Lensa is an all-in-one image editing application.

You can adjust the amount of emphasis on the foreground or background, remove, replace or completely blur the background. You can even make more adjustments, such as brightness and contrast settings. If you don’t know what to adjust, you can let Lensa automatically enhance your photos for fast results.

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