After the terrible earthquake that occurred at 04:17 am on February 6, 2023, experts began their investigations. According to experts, the acceleration of the shock of magnitude 7.7 is twice the magnitude of gravity. This explains enough that the earthquake was “anomalously strong.” Experts say that the last time such an earthquake occurred in Pazardzhik was in 1500. At the time, this earthquake effect was called a “cosmic catastrophe.” Now the consequences of the Pazardzhik earthquake are called cosmic catastrophes. Carlo Doglioni, President of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), told Corriere della Sera newspaper about the earthquake. According to Doglioni, Turkey has moved exactly three meters!

Turkey moved 3 meters after two strong earthquakes in Kahramanmaras

The Italian scientist said he believes the Anatolian plate, where the fault line is located, has shifted at least three meters in a northeast-southwest direction relative to the Arabian plate. He added that this movement takes only 30-40 seconds. “It’s as if Turkey has moved.” Carlo Doglioni recalled that seismic activity in the region has been high throughout history.

Nasi Göryur warned


Member of the Academy of Sciences and earthling scientist prof. Dr. After the 2020 Elazig earthquake and the 2022 Zonguldak earthquake, Nasi Göryur warned that attention should be paid to the Kahramanmaras region. Dr. Nasi Göryur from social networks after the earthquake in Kahramanmaras: “Because the geologists said that this earthquake is coming, we have a feather in our language. No one even reacted to what you said.” made a statement.

Does it affect Istanbul?


After the terrible earthquake in Golcuk, also known as the earthquake of 99, another major earthquake is expected to affect Istanbul as well. The question of whether the Kahramanmaras event caused Istanbul is confusing. Lecturer at Gazi University, Disaster Management Specialist Assoc. Dr. Bulent Ozmen says there is nothing to be afraid of. “It is not uncommon for two major earthquakes to occur at hourly intervals on the Eastern Anatolia Fault. We experienced a very rare event in the form of an earthquake storm. There are 550 active faults in Turkey that can cause earthquakes. We don’t know when it will break. This earthquake affected the faults to the right and left of the Petyurge segment. This caused a fault extending to Hatay and Elazig; It throws no errors other than these. In other words, Istanbul and its environs are on the Northern Anatolia Fault, so it is out of the question that this earthquake caused these faults.”

Earthquake Expert Statements


Founding President of the Center for Earthquake Research at Gazi University Prof. Dr. Suleiman Pampal says that 3 plates intersect in this region (Arabic, African and Anatolian). “The most dangerous fault in the country. It started from the north and goes south.”

Professor at the University of Izmir Dokuz Eylul prof. Dr. Hasan Sözbilir, in the area of ​​today’s earthquake, fault sections that have accumulated stress over 500 years have been destroyed.” speaks and adds; “Because the generation interval of these faults is 400-500 years, an earthquake of this magnitude was expected from a scientific point of view.”

Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) former lecturer prof. Dr. Osman Bektas said that the Kahramanmaras earthquake had a devastating effect both on the surface and underground and would cause faults in the provinces.

Head of the Department of Geophysical Engineering, Kocaeli University prof. Dr. Fadime Sercelik: Earthquakes have affected a very wide area. In addition to where the first main fault was, it is likely that other faults in the region were also activated.

Lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering and Geophysics of the University of Kocaeli prof. Dr. Sheref Barysh says the tremors will last for two years.

Seismic resistance specialist of Altynbash University, prof. Dr. Zeki Hasgur announced that the 2020 Elazig earthquake triggered Kahramanmarash.

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