Turkey was shaken by severe pain at 04:17 am on 6 February. According to a statement made by AFAD; After earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6, hundreds of aftershocks occurred, the strongest of which was a magnitude of 6.6. After the strong earthquake, various relief campaigns were launched in 11 provinces across Turkey. To erase the traumatic traces of the earthquake, on Wednesday, February 15, a charity evening will be held. The charity evening, which will take place at 20:00, will also bring together all TV channels. What are the details of the joint broadcast, which will be held in Turkey for the first time? Which TV channels will use frequency sharing? Let’s take a look at the details of the joint broadcast plan to be broadcast under the name “Turkey One Heart”.

AFAD report prepared in 2020: “People do not know about a possible earthquake”

After the February 6 earthquake, many channels decided to broadcast jointly

After the great earthquake, the national TV channels made a joint decision to help with broadcasting. The relief broadcast organized for the victims of the earthquake will for the first time unite the main channels for the same purpose.

TV channels will take part in the charity evening, which will take place on Wednesday, February 15 at 20.00.

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An evening of help planned by the Association of Broadcasters: it will bring ATV, Star TV, Show TV, Kanal D, FOX TV, TRT and Kanal 7 under one roof.

The broadcast organized to heal the wounds from the earthquake will be simultaneously broadcast on the specified channels.

Saying, “We will support each other again in difficult days,” the Association of Broadcasters seeks to heal the wounds of the disaster with a joint decision in the field of broadcasting.

The program will be moderated by Nihat Hatipoglu, Pelin Çift, Cagla Shikel, Tumer Dogru, Nazli Celik, Acun Ilicali, Deniz Bayramoglu and Didem Arslan Yılmaz.

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Spectators on the air will be accompanied by popular names of the television world. The names that will meet with the audience on a joint broadcast and become moderators of the program began to be announced gradually.

In a joint broadcast, leading figures in the world of art, business and sports, as well as the public, will support the victims of the earthquake.

Leading figures from the arts and television community will unite and contribute to philanthropy after the catastrophe of the century.

Donations collected by popular screen names through the “Turkey One Heart” relief campaign will be donated to AFAD and Kızılay.

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The collected aid will be delivered to AFAD and Kyzylay to help those affected by the earthquake. The Association of Broadcasters’ statement regarding the co-broadcasting decision reads as follows:

“We are mobilizing together to heal our wounds. As Turkish media, we unite under the slogan “Turkey is one heart” in these days when our hearts beat like the whole society. As the Association of Broadcasters, on Wednesday, February 15 at 20:00, we decided to organize a charity evening to help heal the wounds. The program of the charity campaign, which will be organized with the participation and partnership of the TV companies ATV, KANAL D, STAR, SHOW, TV8, FOX, TRT and KANAL 7, which responded to our call, will be brought to the audience through a joint broadcast of all channels. The frequency will also be made available to all local and foreign media organizations that wish to broadcast. Donations made at night will be collected in the accounts of the Red Crescent and AFAD.”

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