Olive oil, which is one of the wonders of nature, is a type of vegetable and very healthy oil obtained from olive trees. Olive oil, which cleanses the liver and facilitates digestion, also beautifies the skin and makes it look radiant. Known for regulating blood pressure and balancing stress, olive oil is one of the essential ingredients in almost every kitchen. Olive oil is talked about not only because of its beneficial properties, but also because of its high price. So how much does real olive oil cost? Which olive oil is best? What brand of olive oil is the cheapest for 5 liters? What are the prices for extra virgin olive oil? We have compiled everything you need to know about olive quality and olive oil prices. Here are 9 delicious olive oil brands for every budget!

1. Candida

Olive oil is one of the most wonderful oils that nature offers us. Kandiba ranks first among the best budget olive oil recommendations. Kandiba Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed from Memecik olives, which are harvested from a single orchard in the Selçuk region and harvested without damage. The value of free fatty acid is not more than 0.5%. Among the characteristic features of Memecik olive oil is a blend of green almonds, arugula, watercress, Aegean herbs and tomatoes. Early harvest olives produced by Candiba are quite fresh. Candiba, a small olive oil producer, processes the olives they carefully harvest from their orchards into extra virgin olive oil. This fruity flavored olive oil is great for adding flavor to your salads and dishes. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

2. Komili

Komili, one of the cheapest options with 5 liters of olive oil, brings the healing power of nature to your tables. Komili Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers the most natural and aromatic form of olives. Komili extra virgin olive oil, which brings together the best olives of the Aegean, especially Ayvalik and the Persian Gulf region, with Komili’s high quality and control standards, has an intense and aromatic taste. We would like to say that you can happily choose it in all your dishes, especially appetizers, salads and grills, to better enjoy the taste of the product. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

3. Ilya Olive oil

olive oil

Ilya Organic Olive Oil Spray, which brings flavor to your tables, is produced in Akhisar village in Manisa. The product does not contain any additives, drugs or preservatives. In this way, the aroma and fruity taste of Ilya are integrated with the desired flavors. Produced as extra virgin olive oil, you can safely consume it on your table. The aroma of olive oil, carefully crafted with an acidity of 0.1%, is also very tasty and suitable for almost any dish. Produced as an early harvest olive oil, İlya is made from the first olives harvested during the olive harvest period. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

4. Rikolivo

Riccolivo 100% natural premium olive oil is obtained from the branches of centuries-old olive trees that ripen in the rain and breeze of Mount Ida. The Kaz Mountains have a worldwide reputation for being one of the hotspots with the highest levels of oxygen. These lands have been growing olive trees for over 120 years and olive oil production has always been at the forefront. From here comes the secret of the region’s olive oil. The low acidity and delicious taste of the olives grown here are found in Ricolivo. For Riccolivo, the olives are harvested from the trees at the beginning of the harvest season and transferred to the cold-pressed plants as soon as possible. For this reason, Riccolivo is classified as a 100% natural premium extra virgin olive oil with a maximum acidity level of 0.8%. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

5. OTS

olive oil

Natural extra virgin olive oil stands out among the most preferred vegetable oils in the kitchen. In this list, OTS ranks among our top olive oil recommendations. This is one of the persistent brands of olive oil on our OTS list, which is made by harvesting the branch early and pressing it immediately without waiting so as not to lose its antioxidant properties. OTS offers healthy and delicious consumption thanks to organic and correct production technology. Organic extra virgin olive oil, 100% domestic production, bottled in glass bottles. You can click here to view the product in detail.

6. Funoli Olive Oil

Standing out in the category of 100% organic premium olive oil, Funoli is an early harvest and cold pressed olive oil. Produced from endemic local South Aegean Memegic olives, Funoli is one of the must-haves on your table. With its strong fruity aroma, you can feel a breeze of watercress, arugula and thyme with every use. You can drizzle this Mediterranean flavor on your plate or eat it raw for health reasons. The manufacturer keeps the olive oil you order cold under a nitrogen coating and promises to deliver it to you in the freshest possible condition. On the other hand, we remind you that the product is presented in a special Italian recyclable glass bottle. You can click here to view the product in detail.

7. Josevia

Adhering to the principle of harvesting olive oil with respect for nature, Josevia prepares its products in suitable conditions with its healthy content and cold pressing method. The award-winning Josevia Olive Oil is made from Ayvalik and Edremit olives. Capturing attention with its golden yellow color and fruity aroma, Josevia earns its place on our list of the tastiest olive oils. It contains a blend of artichokes, almonds, green olives, herbs and green tomatoes in its flavor. At the time of harvest and production, when the olives are green and have the most nutritional value, they are harvested between late October and mid-November. The cold press is produced in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way with a two-stage same-day continuity system. The produced oil is stored in chrome-plated tanks without exposure to light, oxygen and heat, and then ends up on our tables. You can click here to view the product in detail.

8. Farm Lessia

olive oil

The Lissia Pharm Early Harvest Olive Oil, which is on our list, is made from olives grown in the Edremit orchards. Harvested olives are delivered to the plant within a few hours and are produced here by cold pressing. The free fatty acid value of the product is not more than 0.5%. Thus, all the taste and aroma of olives are contained in the oil. Lissiya Farm Olive Oil is known for its pungent smell and aroma. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

9. Olive Oil Plangard

olive oil

Rounding out our list of the best Plantgarde olive oils. Derived from delicious early harvest olives, Plantgarde Olive Oil is cold pressed from Ayvalık-Trilye-Domat olives. Products reach your table after they are bottled with dark protective dropper caps with a free acid (oleic acid) content of 0.4%. Suitable for use by children. 3 bottles of 250 ml are recyclable and ready for reuse. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

For other questions that may be of interest to you;

How much does real olive oil cost?

For genuine olive oil, the price can vary depending on the brand and production process. Early harvest, cold pressing and process variability affect the cost. Prices for organic olive oil range from 180 to 700 TL depending on the size of the product. Prices for extra virgin olive oil also vary within the same price range.

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