Dreams have been very important and interesting to mankind since ancient times. Of course, today we know much more about dreams than in the past. However, we do not fully understand the mystery of these images that form in our imagination during sleep, sometimes frightening, sometimes joyful, and sometimes meaningless…

However, thanks to technology and science, we know which dreams are most common in the world today. A team from a British institution called Brilliant British, which studies sleep patterns and health, collected data on dream searches on Google and determined which dream was most often searched for in which country, that is, which dream was seen most often. Let’s take a look at this interesting data together…

According to Google, the most common dreams in the world involve snakes!

The first thing people search about dreams on Google around the world is “snake dreams”. Some of the countries where dreams are often associated with snakes are Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal, Brazil, and Oman.

On the other hand, experts say that it is remarkable that snakes come in dreams in countries where they are both common and not very common.

Turkey has joined the global trend of “seeing snakes in a dream”

In other words, most often in our country they see snakes in a dream. According to data published by Brilliant British, Turkey is searched for snakes in their dreams 214,000 times a month. In short, snakes decorate the dreams of the Turkish people, and in some cases, their nightmares!

Worldwide, the most common dream after snakes is “tooth loss.”


Google data shows that tooth loss is the second most common sleep in the world. Google searches for “loose teeth while sleeping” are especially common in much of Western Europe, North America, and the United Arab Emirates.

For example, in the United States, 81,000 Internet search queries are made on this topic every month. Other dreams most commonly seen by US citizens are “vacation” and “spiders”.

Marriage is the most common dream in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Bahrain.


The most common sleep in Kuwait, Lebanon and Denmark is pregnancy.

According to experts, it is quite remarkable that the most common dreams in countries with very different socio-economic conditions are similar.


However, according to some scientists, most of these dreams are associated with the evolutionary processes of mankind. For example, seeing teeth falling out in a dream is an archetypal phenomenon. The following statements are included in a study on the subject in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychological Reports:The loss of teeth during sleep is a relic and archetype of the prehistoric period, when teeth played an important role in the lives of ancient people.

On the other hand, in the same studyHowever, today it seems possible that psychological states, such as feelings of helplessness or loss of control, may also trigger this archetypal dream.r.” expressions are also used.

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