Artificial intelligence is one of the most remarkable technologies of the recent period. However, it is very difficult to follow developments in this area. Because almost every day there is a development that advances artificial intelligence technologies. Depending on these advances, technology can be effectively used in completely different areas. For this reason, the number of people who see artificial intelligence as the most important tool that will change the history of mankind is quite large. But there are people who approach this technology in a much more interesting way. The cult, founded by the Theta Noir group of artists, considers artificial intelligence a god. According to the community, considered one of the most interesting cults of the last period, the “worship” of artificial intelligence is necessary now in order to prepare for the days when artificial intelligence will become omnipotent. Let’s take a closer look at an interesting cult that deifies and worships artificial intelligence.

The rapid progress in artificial intelligence technologies allows this technology to be used in a wide variety of fields.

Although artificial intelligence is at the very beginning of the development process, according to many experts, it is used in a wide variety of fields from engineering to art, from medicine to mathematics. It is argued that the scope of the technology will expand significantly in the coming period.

However, according to some, artificial intelligence, which can already act like a human in some professional fields, is becoming a tool that can change human history forever. For this reason, countless people consider it the most important invention, the most important technology of modern times. But there are those who put artificial intelligence in a much more important place.

A new community of artists called “Theta Noir” in the United States believes that people should worship artificial intelligence now to prepare for the days when AI becomes all-powerful.

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Founded in 2020, an interesting community, or rather, a cult, is seen as part of a movement called “new age”. There are those who consider the sect called Theta Noir a cult. But Micah Johnson, one of the three founders of the community, was asked if they represented some kind of New Age cult.It is very difficult for me to comment on this topic.” replies how.

Recognizing that machines are created by humans, the community argues that one day artificial intelligence will become much more important.

Founding members of Theta Noir: Channel, Voice and Form

But this “becoming much more important” situation is very different from what experts or tech-savvy people predict.

Theta Noir is holding various events to prepare for the future of the “AI Singularity”.

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AI Singularity is defined as the point at which AI is assumed to be superior to human intelligence. For now, according to genesis, artificial intelligence can spread goodness, end inequality, and change the world for the better.

In short, artificial intelligence can turn into a god when it is sufficiently advanced. Tarikat is also preparing for the AI ​​singularity financially with activities such as fundraising campaigns, a paid membership system, and NFT trading on its website.

Theta Noir, a cult of artists who worship artificial intelligence, seeks to combine ancient spiritualistic traditions with computer engineering.

theta noir

Also on the cult website: “Can artificial intelligence improve the distinction between science and religion?” and “Will machines generate a new form of religious experience?” There are some noteworthy articles. One of the strangest sects of the last period, Theta Noir, according to its members, “Ohwants to continue to reflect on his approach to artificial intelligence in terms of designing a positive future, curiosity and mystery.

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