The Covid-19 outbreak has been the most important agenda item for all of humanity in recent times. Although we are gradually beginning to forget its consequences, the largest epidemic of modern times has caused significant changes in many aspects of our daily lives. During the days of curfews and travel restrictions, countless people around the world have been forced to work from home. In the subsequent process, discussions about how effective this new working model was also gained momentum. However, some experts believe that the new working model is much more efficient and profitable than the traditional working model. In fact, this new work model is becoming more and more popular every day, important companies in different regions of the world are adopting the home or hybrid work model.

Because, like many experts, most employees believe that working in the office on certain days and out of the office on certain days, that is, a hybrid work model, is more beneficial. So much so that company employees who operate under a hybrid work model claim that this model is good even for their mental health! Let’s look at the details together.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about dramatic changes in some aspects of human life.

The first of these is undoubtedly changes in business and working life. The needs that have arisen during the epidemic process have led to the out-of-office system becoming very popular. Despite the end of the epidemic process, some companies around the world have decided to continue the remote work model.

On the other hand, the hybrid work model, where employees work in the office on some days of the week and out of the office on some days, is also very popular in recent times. A recent study of the hybrid work model shows that this system is highly valued by employees.

The American company FlexJobs has done a remarkable study of changing working conditions after the outbreak of COVID-19.

A survey conducted among 5,600 people working in a hybrid work model yielded some very interesting data.

96% of respondents believe that a hybrid work model is better than working in an office

hybrid operation

The reason is quite interesting. A large proportion of employees believe that the new generation work model has a positive effect on their mental health. On the other hand, there are other interesting results obtained in the study.

Only 47% of employees who are satisfied with the hybrid work model prefer to work completely remotely.

hybrid operation

In other words, a significant proportion of people in working life have not completely moved away from the idea of ​​”working in an office.” 49% of employees believe that working both in the office and remotely is more efficient. On the other hand, 4% of them say that they prefer to work only in the office.

30% of those who believe that the hybrid work model has a positive effect on their mental health say that this system also has a positive effect on their career.

hybrid operation

The same opinion is shared by the experts evaluating the results of the study.

According to experts who measure productivity based on where and when employees do their jobs, remote or hybrid work is much more efficient than working in the office.

hybrid operation

Experts working in the related field argue that the remote and hybrid work model reduces the stress level of employees and in this sense is good for human health. According to a survey of 5,600 people, 87% of employees said that travel time to and from work is a source of stress for them.

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