Jonattan Acosta, 30, from Bolivia, was separated from his friends and disappeared while hunting in the forest with four of his friends. The man, who was found alive a month after the start of search and rescue efforts, said he had survived wild animals, drinking rainwater collected in shoes and eating insects. Let’s take a look at the details of this incredible survival story together.

Acosta was found 31 days after his disappearance by search and rescue teams, including his relatives and local residents.

cry”It’s unbelievable, I can’t believe people have been looking for me for so long.” said. Speaking to Unitel TV, a Bolivian television channel, Acosta said he had to eat wild fruits, worms and insects.You won’t believe what I did to survive all this time.” used phrases.

The missing man’s family stated that they were interested in the details of this horrific experience, but Acosta was still suffering from psychological trauma, and therefore it was difficult to tell all the details of his story.

Jonathan Acosta, who lost 17 kilograms in 31 days, said he was thirsty and injured his ankle, but still tried to walk.

Speaking to the well-known Bolivian newspaper Pagina Siete, his brother Horacio Acosta gave important details about his brother’s survival story.

Jonathan Acosta

Horacio Acosta on this extraordinary survival story”After my brother sprained his ankle on the fourth day, he began to fear for his life. He had only one cartridge in his gun, he could not walk and did not think that someone was looking for him. used phrases.

When Jonathan Acosta disappeared, he lacked the materials that could help him survive.

Jonathan Acosta

There was nothing on Acosta that could make it easier for him to survive, who had to drink the water accumulated in his boots to stay hydrated. Jonathan said that while he got lost in the forest, he encountered many wild animals, including a jaguar. He said that when he went hunting, he used the last bullet in the gun he had with him to scare away the boars.

Noticing a group of people looking for him exactly one month after the disappearance, and calling them, the man said that he had stopped hunting altogether.

Jonathan Acosta

His brother said that a group of locals found Jonathan Acosta.”A man came running and said that they had found my brother. it was a miracleHe expressed his joy in his words. After the incident, Acosta announced that he had completely stopped hunting and said that he would now play the guitar with the intention of thanking God. On the other hand, the police announced that four of his friends who were with him during the hunt would be questioned to find out how the man disappeared.

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