Some cases remain unresolved even years later. The Springfield Trio or The Lost Trio is, unfortunately, one of them. 30 years later, we have no idea what happened to the three women. The police have not yet found concrete evidence. It’s like they just disappeared. In this article, we will tell you about the limited facts about the Lost Trinity case.

Suzanne Streeter, 19, and Stacey McCall, 18, graduated from Springfield High School on June 6, 1992.

They planned to attend several proms that evening and then spend the night at a hotel in Branson. The next morning they were going to the water park with a group of friends. But when it was 10:30 pm, they decided to go to Branson the next morning instead of that evening. Instead, they will spend the night at their friend Janelle Kirby’s house.

Stacey McCall called her mother Janice and informed her of the change in her plans. This was Janice’s last conversation with her daughter. Later, Suzanne and Stacey attended a party at the house of one of Janelle’s neighbors and stayed there until midnight. Around 2 am, the girls were ready for bed, but Janelle’s house was so crowded that there was nowhere to sleep.

The girls decided to go to Suzanne’s house to spend the night.

A loss

Suzanne’s mother, Cheryl Levitt, 47, was also at home. Single mother Cheryl worked as a hairdresser. He and his daughter have just moved into this house. Sherrill also had a son named Bart, with whom he spoke little in recent years. The two young girls promised their friend Janelle that they would return in the morning and go to the water park together.

When Suzanne Streeter and Stacey McCall didn’t show up at Janelle’s house the next morning, her friends called them several times but got no answer. At first they were not worried, as they thought they would not be able to wake up. A few hours later Janelle decided to go to her friends and check it out.

Janelle was walking to Suzanne’s house with her boyfriend Mike and they immediately knew something was wrong.

A loss

The headlight was broken. Everything was covered with glass. The lamp was broken, but the bulb remained intact. The young couple did not particularly dwell on this situation. Mike just swept the porch. All three women’s cars were parked in front of the entrance, but there was something odd about that. Suzanne always parked her car in the same spot. That day the car was in a different place. Janelle and Mike noticed that the front door was open, but no one was inside. The young couple thought their friend had left the house and gone to the water park. At that moment, the home phone rang. Janelle picked up the phone. At the other end of the line, a strange man was talking obscenities. This was not unusual, as Suzanne had been the butt of pranks for some time. Because his friends knew about it, they didn’t think about it. Janelle and Mike then left the house.

The couple headed to the water park, but Suzanne and Stacey were not there.

A loss

Interested in this moment, Janelle and Mike decide to return to Suzanne’s house. Meanwhile, Stacey’s mother, Janice McCall, was dismayed as she hadn’t heard from her daughter in some time. Janice went to Suzanne’s house to check on the girls. There they met three. They began to look around and strangely found the purses of three women lying on the floor in Susanna’s bedroom.

Nothing appears to have been stolen, and there was no sign of the house being broken into. All the personal belongings of the three women were there, including a pet dog. Janelle also noticed that in their absence, someone had left a message on the answering machine. It was the person who called earlier. He spoke obscenities again. Unfortunately, this message has been deleted.

The girls disappeared without a trace. Finally they called the police and started to wait

While waiting for the authorities to arrive, Janelle began cleaning the house. It was a very wrong move. Because it was a crime scene and they shouldn’t have touched anything. He also destroyed every possible piece of evidence during the cleanup. The Springfield Police Department has reported three women missing. Later, the FBI joined the investigation. Searches were conducted during the first two weeks.

Suzanne’s ex-boyfriend, Dustin, was one of the first people to come forward as a suspect.

Dustin was recently arrested for being part of a grave robbery gang. Allegedly because of this, Suzanne broke up with him. In addition, Suzanne told the police that she would testify against Dustin. That night none of the gang members could prove their whereabouts. However, there was no conclusive evidence linking them to the disappearance case. All of them passed a polygraph test and passed the test.

The second suspect was Suzanne’s older brother, Bart Streeter. It is known that he was a former alcoholic and behaved aggressively. He was also on bad terms with his mother and sister. Bart said he drank that night and then went home and dumped it. Because he was alone, no one could confirm his story. But there was no evidence linking him to his sister’s disappearance. He also passed a lie detector test.

A local witness reported that a suspicious green van drove through the area just two days after the disappearance of his three women.

Allegedly, the blonde was driving, and the man told her: “Don’t do anything stupid.” The witness claimed that the blonde was Suzanne Streeter. However, nothing came of this expression.

Suzanne and her mother’s neighbor at the time of their disappearance was a convicted murderer named Robert Craig Cox.

The Springfield police interrogated this man several times over the years. In 1996, investigative reporter Dennis Graves interviewed Cox in a Texas prison and asked him about the Springfield Three:

Coke: “I know they are dead. I know it.

Graves: Isn’t this a theory?

Coke: “I just know they’re dead. This is not my theory. I just know it. There is no doubt about that.”

Cox did not give details, but said that when her mother passes away, she will tell everything she knows.

Later, other accusations were made in this case, but they were all unsubstantiated. Unfortunately, Suzanne Streeter, Stacey McCall and Cheryl Levitt are still missing.

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