US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken addressed the Assad regime after the earthquake.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on the Assad regime to open border crossings to deliver international aid to Syrians affected by earthquakes in Turkey.

Blinken, in a written statement, said the Turkey earthquakes affected millions of people in Turkey and Syria and stressed that federal agencies mobilized aid within hours of the earthquake at the behest of US President Joe Biden.

Declaring that hundreds of US troops have traveled to the earthquake area since Monday and announced that they have announced $85 million in humanitarian aid, Blinken said: “We also welcome the news that the first convoy of UN aid has passed through the security checkpoint. Babulhava point (via Cilvegözü). ). used the phrase.

Blinken urged the Assad regime to allow aid to pass through all its borders, to allow the distribution of aid to all areas affected by the earthquake, and to allow humanitarian aid to reach all Syrians in need without exception.

Noting that the US will do everything possible for the earthquake victims in both Turkey and Syria, Blinken said: “The US will continue to support the people of Turkey and Syria. We welcome the support of our international partners during this difficult time.” gave his assessment.

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