Some new ideas embodied in mobile phone design have brought us strange designs. Even the strangest designs have changed our behavior in everyday life. During the development process, we saw mediocrity and a lot of weird designs, as well as a few masterpieces.

The first mobile phones introduced us to communication via SMS. The next big change in phone technology came with the touch screen. The advent of touchscreen operating systems such as Android reinforced the idea that a phone is more than just a device for making calls. Very strange and unnecessary smartphones with completely new features were presented. In this list, we take a look at the 9 weirdest Android phones of all time👇

#9 Wing LG

While many technological innovations have emerged in response to consumer needs, they have typically been developed as a result of customer feedback. Then came the LG Wing. Not to please anyone, LG decided to add a strange rotating screen to one of its flagship phones. In recent years, many companies have been working on folding screen models that offer screens the size of a pocket tablet to create screens with more space.

But instead, LG decided to create an entirely new form. Useful compared to the other weird phones on our list in terms of features, the LG Wing actually looks pretty good. Offering the ability to send text messages while watching videos on the big screen, this phone has managed to grab all the attention.

8. Samsung Galaxy Beam

the strangest

Samsung is the undisputed leader among smartphones when it comes to innovation. In 2012, the main functions of smartphones are firmly established. Now manufacturers are considering new features to expand the capabilities of the models. With the development of DLP projector technology and their compactness, Samsung decided that this would be the next big breakthrough in the Galaxy smartphone lineup.

While this feature may seem like it could have many practical uses, it also has pitfalls. The projector was consuming too much power and significantly reduced battery life. Also, the image quality was a bit poor. Although the novelty seemed like a fun and useful way to use the phone, it was clearly used much less often in real situations. Also, the usefulness of the projector was too obvious to justify the cost.

#7 Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

the strangest

With the launch of the Galaxy line of phones, Samsung has established itself well in the technology market. With a wide range of products, Samsung had some expertise in both smartphones and dedicated mobile digital cameras and decided to combine them into the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Wanting to move away from the small, grainy, pixelated portraits of old phone cameras, Samsung has paired a beautiful camera with a phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was originally a well thought out idea, but Samsung failed on both counts. The oddly designed Galaxy S4 Zoom was a good phone with a good camera. But the combination of phone and camera was not enough to achieve sales success.

#6 YotaFon

the strangest

The YotaPhone had most of the standard features and functions of any phone back in 2012. The Russian-made YotaPhone had two screens. This double screen could not be folded. Ironically, it also didn’t have a sliding or moving screen.

One of the YotaPhone screens was on the front and the other on the back. Even weirder, it had a typical LCD screen on the front and a Kindle-like monochrome e-ink display on the back. The rear screen functionality of the YotaFone was intended to be used in much the same way as the Kindle (primarily for reading). This rather expensive venture did not get much vote and filed for bankruptcy in 2019.

#5 Palma 2018

the strangest

The Palm smartphone was small in size. However, this Android model is selling less than expected. In early 2019, TCL introduced the Palm 2018 to use the Palm brand. We thought this little phone was cute and attractive, but we found it odd. A phone with poor battery life and a camera needed another phone to work. This was not preferred as it required a different phone to work.

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#4 Motorola Flipout

Motorola’s history dates back to the early 1900s. During this time, Motorola has released innovative and groundbreaking phones. Random oddities are unavoidable for a company that makes so many advanced phones while still making everyday everyday products. In an industry where technology is advancing at an accelerating pace, cell phones are the perfect vehicle for delivering an extraordinary product. The Motorola Flipout was introduced in 2010 when smartphone shapes were still in flux.

While some companies like Apple are gravitating towards touchscreens entirely, others are clinging to their physical keyboards to find new ways to incorporate them into new models. Flipout tried to take the best of both worlds with a strange new shape. Its screen was small but bulky as it sat on top of the keyboard when closed. In terms of hardware, it was appropriate for the time to offer Android 2.1, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1, but its shape was odd. In the end, cell phone manufacturers took a different path, and this model came to a standstill. Eventually this was discontinued.

#3 LG Doubleplay

In the ongoing development of mobile phones, the willingness of users to use devices with multiple screens is evident. Clamshell displays, rotating displays, double-sided displays, foldable displays, and now transparent displays are sought to be created. LG has created many great designs for smartphones, and DoublePlay is perfect for phone entertainment. Modern in appearance, the model was a beautiful concept with a home screen comparable in size to its competitors. But what made it different from a regular phone was its keyboard, split into a smaller secondary screen.

LG DoublePlay includes all the features expected from a device running Android 2.3, and the unique hardware enables multitasking. For example, a text messaging app might be open on the bottom screen and an internet browser on the top screen. The phone also featured several custom DoublePlay apps such as notepad to use the screen with native apps.

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#2 Motorola Backflip

the strangest

The first Android phone was released in 2008, and in a short time, it managed to get ahead of its competitors. Thanks to the open source nature of Android, manufacturers were free to design phones and customize the operating system to their liking. They were also free to explore numerous settings and hardware tweaks, and it looks like Motorola did just that when they released the Backflip in 2010.

Physical keyboards were still all the rage in 2010, and phone makers were constantly trying to keep it up with unique integrations and all sorts of key layouts. Motorola seems to have seen the slider mechanism used by other manufacturers at the time and decided that this would be the right way to try something unique. With the help of a traditional hinge, the phone opened like a book. It was too easy for Motorola. That’s why Motorola took the crazy approach of putting the keyboard on the back of the phone and making it open.

#1 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

the strangest

Ever since the advent of video games, there has been a constant push to make them smaller and more accessible. Products such as Nintendo DS, Sony PSP have long been an integral part of the gaming market. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company integrated games into a device that users could put in their pocket. No wonder Sony, the maker of the most successful video game consoles ever made, is behind this. The Xperia Play was originally rumored to be a “PlayStation phone” but was a somewhat clumsy combination of elements of a mobile phone and a handheld game console.

Given that this idea came from Sony, the phone’s resemblance to the PSP shouldn’t be surprising. Surprising was the decision to release this device without the classic PlayStation, avoiding the name PSP or PlayStation. Perhaps this was the reason that prevented a better sales success. The “gaming phone” spirit born from this strange phone lives on in the Xiaomi Black Shark, ASUS ROG Phone, Red Magic, and a number of other phones.

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