Modern life is hard enough in many ways! And when expectations come into play, coping with the challenges of everyday life becomes even more difficult. Because our expectations, from the biggest to the smallest, are often not met. Especially when we start integrating expectations that are impossible, or at least extremely difficult, into the normal course of our lives.

Yes, expecting something from someone or from life is a natural part of life, but what your expectations are about is very important. Because in most cases, unfulfilled expectations are synonymous with great sadness and disappointment. Here are 9 things you should stop expecting from other people ASAP…

1. Stop expecting others to make you happy.

Especially in your romantic relationships. Because no one should make you feel happy or complete. Moreover, it is not something that everyone can achieve. Therefore, such an expectation almost always leads to deep unhappiness. That is why you should strive to live the way you feel happy.

Because when you are a prisoner of this need, you will always live in expectation of approval from other people! Thus, you will become helpless and need the attention of other people. Then you will notice that your own thoughts and even your “I” gradually begin to disappear …

Try not to have that kind of expectation here, so you don’t run into these situations that sound really troubling. If you’ve already made this expectation a habit, look for ways to get rid of it!

3. Stop expecting others to live up to your standards.

Keep in mind that not all people are the same, not all people think like you, not everyone feels like you. Therefore, do not forget that it is unfair to you and to them to expect other people to live the same life as yours.

4. Don’t expect people to be perfect.


Isn’t it obvious that no one is perfect? Therefore, it is both ridiculous and unfair to expect perfection from people. If you insist on having different expectations for people, at least set those expectations in a realistic and reasonable way.

5. Remember that people cannot fully understand you.

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It is an acceptable expectation to hope that people will be understood as accurately as possible. However, keep in mind that it is not possible to fully realize this expectation. Because everyone’s thinking is different.

Therefore, what is extremely important to you may seem like an unimportant detail to someone. If you want to be better understood, try to express your feelings and thoughts more clearly and understandably.

6. DIY

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It’s not unusual to expect other people to do things for you. However, this expectation should remain at a reasonable level. In fact, almost always do their job. Thus, the number of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments will also decrease.

7. Remember that people will not agree with your every thought.

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Because it’s really impossible for all people to agree with all of your ideas. For this reason, if you have such an expectation, ask yourself. Review your expectations of life and people.

8. Don’t expect people to change.

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Yes, people change, but not for you or your expectations! Consider this fact and completely abandon your expectations in this direction.

9. You wait in vain for your Savior

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Because you are the only person who can defeat everything you fight, fight, win the war and save yourself. For this reason, stop waiting for a savior and focus on your own struggle.

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