Raising a critical parent can affect your future personality. Children raised by critical parents have similar traits when they grow up. These effects are not only visible, but also measurable. Research shows that overly critical parents have a huge impact on their children. So much so that these children tend to internally struggle with themselves and others as adults. In this article, we will talk about the problems that children raised by critical parents may face in the future.

1. You have trouble balancing your emotions.

Those who grew up with overly critical parents may find it difficult to balance their emotions. This can cause them to experience sudden mood swings.

2. You find it hard to trust yourself.

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From the moment we are born, we develop a sense of dignity and self-respect through communication with our parents. In a way, our parents show us how to trust ourselves. However, being overly critical of your parents can damage your self-esteem.

3. You can’t trust others

In addition to the above point, our communication with parents also affects how much we trust others. If our parents constantly criticize us and constantly make us feel bad, it may be much harder for us to trust others in the future.

4. You are afraid of even the smallest changes.

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Are you afraid that even the little things in your life will change? Fear of the unknown may come from an overly critical parent. Deep down, you may think that you can’t handle life’s challenges. Because overly critical parents could damage your self-confidence while you were just getting to know life.

5. Making mistakes is unbearable.

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Even the smallest mistake can feel like the end of the world if you have an overly critical parent. You can be firm with yourself, but at the same time kind and tolerant of other people.

6. You are too perfectionist.

Many children of critical parents suffer from excessive perfectionism. In their opinion, if they can be perfect, there is nothing to criticize. Unfortunately, perfection does not exist, so this unattainable standard makes life even more difficult.

7. You constantly feel the need to apologize.

Do you always apologize? When you grow up with overly critical parents, you may feel like nothing you do is enough. This may be why you keep apologizing even when you make a small mistake.

8. You are too defensive.

Raising overly critical parents can make you nervous in the future. You may become defensive and overreact to criticism because you are used to it.

9. You experience social anxiety

Many people who grew up with overly critical parents struggle with social anxiety. This feeling becomes constant in your life as you get used to being overly vigilant among people. This makes socialization difficult.

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