Netflix’s The Crown, a series about the life of the British royal family, has been the subject of intense controversy with the recently published new season. Some people argue that the facts of the royal family and fiction in the series are mixed with each other, so the series distorts historical facts. On the other hand, the series is one of the productions that millions of people follow with curiosity and love. Of course, the huge popularity of the series is influenced by many factors. Carefully written script, high quality production, great acting and carefully selected exciting locations!

Yes, the filming of the series about the life of the royal family takes place in historical buildings, castles, mansions and palaces, all of which you can visit today. Thus, The Crown manages to convey to the audience the luxurious life of the royal family as realistically as possible. Here are 9 breathtaking locations where The Crown was filmed, from Eltham Palace to Ely Cathedral…

1 Burghley House

Burghley House in Stamford is one of the many historic buildings in England. The house was built by William Cecil, one of Queen Elizabeth I’s key advisers, between 1555 and 1587 and is still owned by the Cecil family. From the 16th century, the building has survived to this day in a very solid condition and attracts attention with its bewitching beauty.

In the series, most of the scenes at Windsor Castle, one of the main residences of the royal family, are filmed at Burghley House. Because Burghley House is home to over 100 rooms, unique works of art and architectural insight that reflects the Queen Elizabeth I period in a magnificent way.

2. Lancaster House

The Crown team often uses Lancaster House to depict the life of the royal family at Buckingham Palace. The interior decoration and architectural features of the house are very similar to Buckingham Palace, which has been the official residence of the royal family since 1873.

On the other hand, Lancaster House, whose construction began in 1825, is actually located very close to Buckingham Palace. Due to its proximity and resemblance to a palace, the house has been one of the important filming locations for many films and series over the years.

3. Hatfield House

Some of the scenes featured in The Crown, set at Buckingham Palace, were also filmed at this incredible country house in Hertfordshire, England. This is a historic building from 1611! On the other hand, it is known that Queen Elizabeth I learned that she ascended the throne in 1558, sitting in a garden on the land on which the house was built.

4. House of Hedsor

Hedsor House is located near the River Thames in London, the capital of England. Owned by the Hedsor family and built in 1166, the house is in Korona “No. 1”. 10 Dowing Street is used as the residence of the British Prime Minister.

5. Ardveriki Castle

This castle in the Highlands of Scotland dates back to the 19th century. It is featured in The Crown as Balmoral Castle, one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite haunts. However, the former English Queen Victoria is known to have stayed at Ardvericky Castle with her husband in the summer of 1847.

6. Eltham Palace


With a long history and a strong royal family, England is home to many historic buildings that are still in use today. Eltham Palace, whose history dates back to the early 1300s, is one such building. The palace, which has architectural traces from different historical periods, has also been used by the British royal family since the 14th century. For this reason, it is one of the important places in the TV series The Crown.

7. Somerley Hall


A building called Somerley Hall in the Hampshire area belongs to King III. It is used instead of Highgrove House, the family residence of Charles and Queen Camilla. Built between 1701 and 1705, the building now hosts weddings and events in England.

8. Brocket Hall


This historic building, located in Hertfordshire, England, was built in 1239. However, the building acquired its present form in 1760. Scenes are filmed in this building at Kensington Palace, one of the official residences of the royal family in London. It is also known that Queen Victoria often visited this house, located in a magnificent area.

9 Ely Cathedral


Located in the town of Ely in Cambridgeshire, England, the cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in the country. The origins of the cathedral date back to 1083. On the other hand, the whole world knows that the royal family attaches great importance to weddings.

Given all of this, it’s only natural that the show’s wedding scenes were filmed at Ely Cathedral. The weddings, which take place in real life at the royal church of Westminster Abbey, are filmed at Ely Cathedral in the series.

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