Yes, we have to admit that relationship manipulators are pretty good at what they do! Otherwise, their actions are very difficult to call manipulation. Most of us cannot objectively look at our relationships and do not notice manipulative situations. Because it can be difficult for us to put the emotional abuse shown by our partner into the right category. Relationship manipulation can be defined as someone you’re interested in using emotional attraction to get you to act the way they want. This can be seen in almost most relationships.

Especially in romantic relationships, manipulators are very bold and persistent in achieving what they want. On the other hand, they know very well which trump card to use in order to get the desired reaction. But don’t let that scare you! Because if you know how to detect manipulation, it will be very easy to stop it! We have collected for you common examples of manipulation in romantic and long-term relationships. Then let’s take a closer look at the details and together we will analyze examples of manipulation in ordinary relationships.

1. “You can do it for me! You know, I’ll always do anything for you.”

If your partner tells you this, we remind you that you must be careful at this point. Because your partner is trying to make you feel guilty about what he wants. Phrases like “always, everyone” are empty words of manipulators, implying that they are the ones who take full responsibility and do everything for the relationship. Please remind yourself that even if this person did something for you, there is no need to pay for it.

2. “I totally disagree. I’m not even going to discuss it with you.”

There are a lot of manipulation techniques in relationships and they are complex, we accept this. On the other hand, pay attention to obstacles in discussions in a relationship! This is an example of when someone wants to speak up during an argument but is stopped before they have a chance. Even before you can say how you feel, your partner is trying to block you, avoid arguments, deny you and try to build a wall, which definitely indicates that you have been manipulated.

3. “No, of course not. You’re just making things up in your mind.”

manipulation in relationships

One of the most dangerous examples of relationship manipulation is denying the other side. If someone tries to make you question your reality or your perception of a relationship, this is unfortunately an example of serious manipulation. Dramatic, sensitive, crazy and insane – all these phrases your partner uses when he does not want you to understand what he is doing.

4. “I wouldn’t use those words if you didn’t force me!”

Manipulators love to project embarrassing pictures or flip things! This means that the manipulative partner diverts the attention of the other person from their bad deeds. When you warn your partner that they are abusing you or otherwise bothering you, he or she will respond by making a difference. At this point, you may have been introduced to a new manipulative method. In other words, he chose these bad words not because you forced him to, but because he wanted to say so. Never feel guilty!

5. Passionate about silent treatment and manipulation

manipulation in relationships

Silent manipulation is one of the most dangerous manipulations in a relationship! Silent healing is a serious manipulation technique, like any other substance. Because by staying silent, your partner will try to make you feel like you have to do what he wants. They mean they’ll back off if you don’t want to do what they want! One piece of advice from us, let them retreat!

6. “Why are you always so dramatic?”

One of the favorite phrases of a manipulative partner is: “Why are you always so dramatic?” Maybe! At this point, we would like you to pay attention to expressions such as “dramatic” or “crazy”. Because phrases like this are meant to ruin your mood and make you look and feel crazy. Thus, you may doubt yourself and think that you are really dramatic.

7. “I was just joking. Stop taking everything so seriously!”

manipulation in relationships

If your partner always says mean or hateful words to you and then jokes when he sees that you are upset, we must say that this is serious manipulation. Sometimes jokes can be hurtful when you make an important point by speaking your mind. Despite this, the other party may continue to bully you harshly and then pretend that nothing happened. In such cases, acknowledge that it is manipulation and take a stand.

8. “If I’m acting like this, it’s all your fault.”

manipulation in relationships

Manipulators never like to be held accountable. On the contrary, they have a miraculous ability to turn the tide. And they never hesitate to use any excuse to do so. Advice to you, never associate the manipulation of the other side with your behavior! So if the other party is acting accusatory, it’s never your problem!

9. “Family and friends negatively affect these relationships, admit it.”

manipulation in relationships

Manipulators love to isolate their partner as this means they have more control! If you notice that your partner is trying to get you to stop talking to friends or family most of the time, realize that he is manipulating you! If the other party constantly says that your family and friends are negatively affecting your relationship, there is a problem here, please resolve this problem and do not accept any further manipulation!

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