When harmful substances are mentioned, pesticides or detergents come to mind first. However, some things that we often use in our daily lives, such as soap, tap water, or even potatoes, can also harm our bodies. In this article, we’re going to talk about 9 activities you probably do in your daily life that are actually bad for your health. Details below👇

1. Brush your teeth after eating

Unfortunately, there are two different opinions on this matter. According to some dentists, brushing your teeth immediately after eating acidic foods can damage tooth enamel. For dental health, it is more beneficial to wait at least 30 minutes after eating and drink a glass of water.

Some experts are of the opinion that brushing your teeth after eating is not harmful, but beneficial.

2. Rice may contain bacteria


If you love to eat rice, this news may upset you. Rice can contain dangerous bacteria such as Bacillus cereus, which are often found in the soil. Fortunately, these bacteria cannot grow in warm environments, so freshly cooked rice is usually not a problem. However, it’s good to be careful.

3. Tap water can damage the skin


We use tap water to wash our faces every day. However, you can do a lot of damage to your skin without even knowing it. The normal pH level of your face is around 4.7. The pH of tap water can rise above 5. In addition, hard minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron in the water can cause acne and dryness.

4. Ripe potatoes


Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium and other essential nutrients. However, potatoes left on the counter for several days can produce solanine toxin when exposed to light. An increase in these toxins causes the skin and inside of the potato to turn green. If you eat green potatoes, you may experience diseases such as stomach pain, vomiting, and fever. In some rare cases, it can even lead to paralysis.

5. Wearing tight clothes

According to the nutritionist, wearing tight clothing can exacerbate any gastrointestinal illness. Tight clothing can put pressure on the stomach and intestines. In some cases, it can even cause a fungal infection and nerve compression. The best way to determine if your clothes are too tight is to see if they leave marks on your body. Don’t worry if you like to wear tight clothes from time to time, the real problem comes with prolonged use.

6. Popcorn in the microwave

A few years ago, it was discovered that inhaling popcorn in a microwave could damage the lungs. This was because these calluses contained a substance called diacetyl. We heard on the news that a person who eats popcorn every day has health problems, although those who work in a corn factory usually get sick from this substance. Major manufacturers have now removed this chemical from their products. But it’s still healthier to avoid movies and cook popcorn on the stove rather than in the microwave.

7. Buying pre-cut fruit from the market

For convenience, you decide to buy pre-cut fruit from the grocery store. You have to be careful because you can never be sure that the shop was hygienic when slicing. While these fruits are rare, they can contain E. coli, salmonella, and other bacteria.

8. Beware of storage containers that come into contact with moldy food!

Sometimes we forget to eat food that we put in storage containers. After a few days, you see that the food is moldy. It happened to all of us. Unfortunately, these forms can harm the body if inhaled for a long time. Some of them can cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, and in extreme cases, toxic substances can make you sick.

If the food you forgot to put in the storage container is moldy, be careful when cleaning the contents so you don’t accidentally inhale the spores. Also, do not forget to thoroughly disinfect the affected container.

9. Your soap dish can be unpleasant.

Soap cleans everything, so this ingredient might surprise you a bit. But if your soap container falls to the floor when you place a sink next to it without washing it, your soap can be exposed to microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Remember to wash and rinse your soap frequently.

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