With Mac OS, Apple offers its users a very useful and stable operating system. Mac OS is loved by many users for its stability, ease of use, and functionality. Plus, the operating system comes with just about every productivity app you could ever need to get started right out of the box. But there’s always a Mac app for improvements and conveniences.

For all Mac users who aren’t completely satisfied with Apple’s stock apps, it’s worth taking a look at the main third-party apps. Most of the apps we have listed here are free or inexpensive. The Mac apps on the list will (most likely) appeal to the average user. So, without further ado, let’s move on to our list of the 9 most useful and productive Mac apps…


It will be very convenient when you really understand how to use this application, which is built right into the operating system. Simply Shortcuts or Shortcuts will do everything you need faster and easier. Whether it’s getting directions to the next event on your calendar with the click of a button, generating expense reports, or giving your home Wi-Fi password to guests via QR code, there’s something for just about every situation you might encounter.

With this application, you can easily create powerful workflows. Thus, you can save time for many daily tasks. Imagine your coffee machine running and brewing the perfect cup while changing the color of the light to suit your mood at the touch of a button. This and more is possible with shortcuts.


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Hate trying to remember every password for every account you have? Instead, use 1Password. This is a great password manager that secures your login and credit card details in a fully encrypted vault that you can access with a master password.

For individuals, 1Password charges $24.99 per month for annual billing, while the 1Password Families plan covers five people for $42.99 per month for annual billing. Apart from the iOS app, it also has Windows and Android support.

You can click the link here for the 1Password app.


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macOS has built-in window management, and installing an extra app for it might seem odd. These apps are easier to use, but they work better than the built-in options.

By dragging an open window to the edge of the screen, or by pressing a button, you can split any window into quarters, halves, thirds, or almost any combination of them. The use of such mechanisms eliminates switching between applications and significantly increases the efficiency of the workplace. There are two apps to choose from: Magnet is free, Better Snap Tool costs a few bucks, and comes with a few extra features, but they both work basically the same way.

You can click the link for BetterSnapToll and the link here for the Magnet app.


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This little Mac app forces websites to use a dark color scheme if you have dark mode enabled. If they don’t have their own, Noire updates the website with a bold new design that fits her style perfectly. It’s also customizable and you can choose which theme Noir will use from a variety of options, or you can create your own. You can even set rules for specific sites.

If you use Safari, Noir is the perfect companion for nighttime browsing.

You can click the link here for the Noir app.

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Bartender 4

app for mac

Bartender 4 will be your savior when you use too many applications. Simply put, it lets you choose which apps will show up in the menu bar and change their position to your liking. It is a subtle tool specially designed with organization in mind and therefore allowing you to refine various aspects of your interface.

The latest release of the app adds support for macOS Monterey and M1 devices, quick annotation to show/hide apps, and features to customize icon sizes. You can opt for a four-week free trial before purchasing.

You can click the link here for the Bartender 4 application.


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Keyboard shortcuts are great, but every app uses so many different keyboard shortcuts that trying to remember them all can be frustrating. Our great app that can solve this problem is Cheat Sheet.

A simple hotkey press opens a window with a list of all active shortcuts in the application of your choice. It only shows shortcuts to the app you are currently using. Therefore, you do not need to specify the application you need help with. The popup disappears when you release the shortcut.

You can click the link here for the Cheat Sheet app.


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We can think of Alfred as the center of attention with a pinch of Siri. It’s an app launcher, but it can do a lot more. With Alfred, you can quickly perform calculations, search the web and find word definitions, and many other features.

It’s an app that bridges the gap between Siri and your Spotlight search, allowing you to automate tasks and perform advanced features that Siri should be able to handle on its own.

You can click the link here for the Alfred app.

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When it’s time to type on your Mac, you want to make sure you’re working with as few distractions as possible. Ulysses was designed specifically for such situations. With a laid-back layout and focused tools, it helps you get started and isolate yourself from the world around you.

You can manage all your files and projects in the Ulysses Library and have everything at your fingertips with just one or two clicks. It offers fast publishing support for WordPress, Medium, and more, as well as a built-in editor and support for many common file formats. Whether you’re a professional writer or need a great word processor, Ulysses has it all.

You can click the link here for the Ulysses app.


Amphetamine prevents your Mac from going to sleep, running the screen saver, or automatically shutting down. This is ideal for Mac users who want to track other activities without touching the keyboard or mouse while a program is running, which can take hours. Finally, please note that Amphetamine no longer works with pre-Yosemite versions of macOS.

You can click on the link here for the amphetamine application.

Apple releases a very good and stable operating system with all the necessary applications that you may need in your daily digital life. However, these native apps on macOS can’t do everything and are sometimes too intuitive or simple and come with their own little inconveniences. Luckily, there are many alternatives to the built-in Mac apps that can do the same task in an easier, better, and more stylish way.

Whatever you’re looking for, whatever you want to do, there’s always a Mac app for the task. Some apps are listed here in hopes of helping you find something to make your digital life easier. All the apps on this list are designed to fix some of the shortcomings of the standard apps and help you work more efficiently so you can save time and do what you love. You can share with us a Mac app or apps that are not on our list that you find useful in the comment section below.

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