Every year there are new beauty trends. We make up in accordance with these trends, use trendy colors, buy new lipsticks. However, what is fashionable in society may sometimes not correspond to the natural figure of a person. That is why professional makeup artists and stylists recommend choosing makeup and hairstyles that suit your face shape. So, what beauty mistakes do we make most often, according to professionals? Let’s look at the details together.

1. Thin eyebrows

Just like the famous actress Lily Collins, some women have thick and bushy eyebrows. Thick eyebrows usually look younger than thin ones. For this reason, makeup artists recommend that owners of naturally thin eyebrows use eyebrow pencils.

2. Thick eyeliner


Makeup artists recommend applying thick eyeliner to the lower lashes. Otherwise, you can highlight dark circles around the eyes and crow’s feet. At the same time, a correctly drawn eyeliner can create a lifting effect. It is recommended to thinly draw eyeliner along the upper lashes, and then, following the shape of the eyes, create a ponytail. You can achieve a softer look by slightly spreading the line.

3. Matte lipstick


When we think of 2016 fashion, we think of matte or matte liquid lipsticks. While it was very fashionable at the time, luckily slightly glossy lips are more common now. You may prefer to avoid them, as matte lipsticks can make you look older.

4. Bright blush


Applying a lot of bright and vibrant blush is very common these days. However, bright and shiny blush can age your skin. A light cream blush is more than enough to add color and vitality to your face!

5. Straight hair


Stylists say that straight and messy hairstyles make the face “heavy” and saggy. But a layered haircut and slightly voluminous hair will gently frame the face.

6. Dark and cold hair

Cool hair tones can make your skin gray as they can accentuate ashy tones. Stylists claim that warm tones will help your skin stay bright and radiant.

7. Unnatural looking false or satin lashes

Recently, false eyelashes are very fashionable. However, super-long and thick eyelashes do not suit anyone. Light additives that suit your eye structure will make you look younger and look better on your face. If you don’t know which lashes suit you, beauticians who are professionals in this field will help you choose the one that suits your eye shape.

8. Very dark lipsticks

Dark, thick lips always attract attention. But it also accentuates wrinkles around the mouth, teeth, chin and pimples. On the other hand, neutral pink lipsticks can soften skin tone and brighten the complexion.

9. Foundations that don’t match your skin tone

Makeup artists recommend looking at the veins on the inside of the arm or on the wrist when choosing the color of the foundation. If your veins look bluish, it’s best to choose a cooler undertone, and if they look greenish, you should opt for a warmer undertone. Another way to understand your undertone is to see which gold or silver jewelry suits your skin best. If your answer is gold, your undertone is probably warm, and if silver, your undertone is probably cool. Most brands of foundation have the letters “W” (warm), “C” (cold) or “N” (neutral) on the color packaging, you can also pay attention to them when buying.

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