Welcome to our article on movie recommendations for next week. Due to the slow arrival of cold winter days, weekends are now being held in more homes. Weekends are a great time to relieve the fatigue of a whole week, the perfect time to make good use of your free time… We all have the right to have a productive and pleasant time before starting a new tiring week. That’s what our list of recommended movies is for.

This week we have collected for you the most outstanding films from musicals to dramas, from comedies to thrillers. To take a look at the films we have briefly reviewed and presented, all you have to do is scroll down the page…

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1. Graduation – Graduation (2020) – IMDB: 5.9

The first movie on our list of recommended films, Prom is a 2020 musical comedy directed by Ryan Murphy and adapted from the 2018 Broadway musical of the same name. It stars Joe Ellen Pellman, Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Keegan-Michael Key, Andrew Rannells, Ariana DeBoz and Kerry Washington.

The Netflix movie Prom was released in a limited edition shortly before its release on Netflix. Nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture – Musical or Comedy, the film also earned James Corden a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor – Musical or Comedy.

Desperate to revive their old positive image in society and return to their famous stage, Broadway actors come up with the perfect plan to achieve their goals and decide to help high school Emma realize her dream.

In the small, conservative town of Edgewater, Emma wants to ask her girlfriend to prom. However, intolerance in the society in which they live stands in the way of their happiness. Can this group of Broadway actors make Emma’s dream come true and take her to prom with her boyfriend?

2. April Fool’s Day – April 1 (1986) – IMDB: 6.1

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April Fool’s Day is a 1986 dark comedy slasher film directed by Fred Walton and written by Danilo Bach. The film received a mixed response from critics, with the film’s screenplay the subject of various praises and criticisms. The film, which started with a budget of $5 million, earned a total of $13 million at the box office. A new adaptation of the film, written by Jeff Rovin, was released in parallel with the film’s release in 1986.

A group of friends of eight college students arrive at the home of the Muffy Street heiress. They meet at a mansion on a remote island owned by John. Soon they will discover that each of them has a hidden secret revealed from their past, and they will be shocked. However, they soon find out that they are candidates for the victim of a serial killer, one by one. However, are they really dead, or are they involved in some very real and cruel April Fool’s joke? It seems the only person who knows what’s going on is Muffy, the owner of the mansion. So he’s responsible for all these murders? Or is it really not the way we know this time?

3. Je Ne Suis Pas Un Homme Facile / I’m Not a Difficult Man – I’m Not the One You Know (2018) – IMDB: 6.3

Eleanor Purria’s first feature film, I’m a Difficult Man, is a 2018 romantic comedy film and the second Netflix original film in French. The film is inspired by a 2010 short film also directed by Purria. The main roles in the film were played by Vincent Elbaz and Marie-Sophie Ferdan.

Damien is a man with all the perks of living in a patriarchal society. After losing consciousness from a blow to the head, Damien wakes up and finds himself in an alternate universe where gender roles have been reversed and dominance is in the hands of women. Confused by this situation, Damien struggles to find his place in this alien and new world where he is exposed to sexism. In the meantime, he will meet Alexandra, a successful writer as well as a dominant character.

4. Blessing (2021) – IMDB: 6.6.

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The Blessing is a 2021 biographical drama film written and directed by Terence Davis. The main characters of the film are played by Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi. The Blessing had its world premiere as part of a special presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Sassoon family, a real-life character, criticized the film. The Blessing, which earned Jack Lowden the BAFTA Scotland Best Actor Award at the BAFTA Film Awards, received critical acclaim, although it did not do well at the box office due to the effects of the pandemic.

In a film about the tumultuous life of World War I poet Siegfried Sassoon, Sassoon, one of the period’s leading war poets, drew inspiration from his experiences on the Western Front in his poetry; Stars of London literature and stage, London aristocracy are described. However, at the same time, Sassoon, destroyed by the horrors of war and turned his life path into a search for salvation based on family and religion, will he be able to achieve his goals on this path, in which he began to accept himself and what he experienced and begins to offer peace wishes ?

5. Exam – Exam (2009) – IMDB: 6.8

The Exam is a horror crime mystery film written by Simon Garrity and Stuart Hazeldine and directed by Hazeldine. The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival and was nominated for Outstanding Debut at the BAFTA Film Awards. Despite not being a box office success, The Exam, which has become a well-known production, is also an independent film.

In the near future, a total of eight candidates, who are in the final selection round for the position of assistant CEO of a pharmaceutical company, are locked in a room and the supervisor informs them that they have 80 minutes to answer a question. Candidates who learn that only three rules must be followed in this isolated area will learn that they will be disqualified if they do not follow the rules. These rules are that they must not speak to the bishop or armed guards, change documents, or leave the room, respectively.

After the supervisor starts the stopwatch and leaves the room, the candidates discover that there are blank sheets of paper in the room with only their numbers written on them. The candidate starts writing on the paper to answer the question, but is kicked out of the room for damaging the paper. The rest of the candidates will find that they need teamwork to figure out what the problem is.

6. White Oleander – White Oleander (2002) – IMDB: 7.1

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White Oleander, a 2002 drama film directed by Peter Kosminsky, is an adaptation of Janet Fitch’s 1999 novel White Oleander. The film, which grossed $21 million on a $16 million budget, was praised by critics.

Astrid Magnussen (Alison Loman) is a fifteen-year-old girl living in California. His mother, Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer), is a beautiful, free-spirited poet and artist who also suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD). Although they have an unusual life, they are happy. Until one day a man named Barry Kolker (Sir Billy Connolly) comes into their lives and Astrid’s mother falls madly in love with him.

7. Khojil Kolshim / Decision to leave – Decision to leave (2022) – IMDB: 7.3

Tang Wei and Park Hae Il are starring in the 2022 romantic mystery film Decision to Leave, which is produced, written and directed by world-famous director Park Chang Wook, who we know from films Oldboy and The Maid. The film, which grossed over $20 million, won Park Chan-wook’s Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival and was also in contention for the Palme d’Or, the same film festival’s top prize. The film, which was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globe Awards, was also included in the National Board of Review in New York’s “Top 5 International Films of 2022” list. Let’s take a closer look at the theme of the most recent movie on our list of recommended movies.

In South Korea, a person who falls from the top of the mountain he was climbing dies right on the ground. The main question of the investigation; either he jumped from the top of the mountain, or he was pushed. In other words, it is still unclear whether this death was a suicide or a murder. When detective Hae-joon arrives on the scene, he becomes suspicious of the deceased’s wife, Seo-rae. But as he deepens into the investigation, he becomes trapped in a web of deceit and desire.

8. Short 12 – Short 12 (2013) – IMDB: 7.9

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Short Term 12, a 2013 independent drama film written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, is based on the director’s 2009 short film of the same name. The film, which premiered at South by Southwest, is considered one of the best films of 2013. Brie Larson received numerous film awards and Best Actress nominations for her first lead role as Grace Howard.

In a shelter for at-risk youth, in other words, in trouble, the Grace clan is a young counselor trying to do the best for children who often live in the worst home conditions. Life for Grace and her colleagues is not easy, as they often care for deeply traumatized children, even as they try to build their own lives. Now that Grace is preparing for marriage and doing some painful retrospectives; He will have to make difficult decisions to deal with this. Meanwhile, a new man, Jayden, arrives at the boarding school where Grace works, bringing up some unpleasant memories for Grace.

9. O Auto da Compadecida / A Dog’s Will – A Dog’s Will (2000) – IMDB: 8.6

O Auto da Compadecida, a 2000 fantasy comedy directed by Güell Arraes, who co-wrote the screenplay with Adriana Falcao, grossed over $5 million at the box office. Performance with Matheus Nakhtergaele, Selton Mello and Fernanda Montenegro in the lead roles; II. It won 4 awards at the National Grande Premio Cinema Brasil Film Awards. The theme of the latest movie from our list of movie suggestions is as follows:

Joao Grilo and Chico are two very poor but smart northeastern Brazilians who are fighting for survival and deceiving people for a livelihood. After meeting the wealthy Rozinha, they both hope to finally win the fight against life, but their plans are interrupted by the arrival of a criminal.

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