Finding true love these days is not easy. But when two people meet, if they like each other, there is also a chance that a love will begin that will last forever. However, some steps need to be taken, some thresholds need to be crossed, in order to start a love that will last forever! Because you cannot control the emotions of another person and direct them. However, in some cases, you can at least interfere with the process a little! What’s more, there are some things you can do to make the person you like more likely to fall in love with you…

1. Make it happy

People tend to remember most about other people what they made them feel. In other words, if you make the person you like happy, you will also be able to take more of your place in their mind so that they love you and even fall in love with you.

2. Your pleasant smell

Aromas really occupy an extremely important place in human life. On the other hand, some scientific studies show that smells greatly influence human relationships. Therefore, make sure that next to the person you like, “smell nice”.

3. Imitate

Or rather, think about it! People tend to find people who look like them familiar and trustworthy. They are also more likely to like and fall in love with people who are just like them. So if you want the person you like to fall in love with you, don’t be afraid to be like them.

4. Show interest in interests

Everyone has their own hobbies and interests. A person’s interest in the things you love can make things more enjoyable. For this reason, do not look at the interests of the person you want to love from afar. Who knows, maybe the only obstacle on the way to endless love is the distance to the interests of a loved one.

5. Make friends


One of the healthiest relationships begins when two people become friends. For this reason, in some cases, friendship can be the ideal starting point for undying love. In short, making friends with the person you liked first is one of the most effective steps you can take to make them fall in love with you.

6. Listen


Talking to a person he likes is a great source of pleasure and happiness for almost everyone. But remember that true love also needs good “listeners”. What’s more, some research also shows that people tend to be attracted to people who genuinely listen to them. So if you want the person you love to fall in love with you too, try to be a good listener.

7. Develop a strong sense of humor


Having a shared and good sense of humor is one of the fastest ways to bring two people closer together. So don’t forget the importance of humor in a person’s life and make sure you have a strong enough sense of humor.

8. Be yourself


There are many things you can try to make the person you love fall in love with you too. But remember, you can only find true love by being yourself, and you can only make a real connection with another person if you are yourself.

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