It is very important to create the right hair care in order to have silky soft hair. At this point, the composition of hair care products is of great importance. While shampoos with clean and nourishing ingredients strengthen the hair, hair products with harmful ingredients can irritate the scalp. On the other hand, sulfate and its derivatives can be seen being used in shampoos. So is sulfate as innocent as it seems? Sulfate can actually be defined as the salt formed when sulfuric acid reacts with other chemicals. Sulfate, which forms a rich lather when washing your hair, is considered an important ingredient in shampoos, but is not suitable for most types of hair. On the other hand, sulfate-free shampoos prevent irritation while nourishing the scalp. So what are sulfate-free shampoo brands? Let’s take a look at the list together.

1. Panthen Sulfate-Free Shampoo “Silky Radiance”

One of the must-have shampoos in your daily hair care routine, Pantene Sulfate-Free Shampoo provides silky softness and nourishment to your hair. Get ready to meet your hair’s softest curves with Pantene Pro-V Miracles, which contains a highly nourishing Pro-V blend for hair in need of a miracle. The Pantene Silky and Shiny collection combines the power of Pro-V science with Biotin. Silk Protein Sulfate Free Shampoo helps restore dull, treated or highlighted hair with nourishing ingredients. You can click here to enjoy irresistibly soft hair with a silky touch and buy the product.

2. Herbal Essences Sulfate Free Shampoo

Formulated with potent aloe and bamboo extracts to help hydrate hair, Herbal Essences Sulfate-Free Shampoo offers great care for those who want silky, healthy looking hair. Sulfate-free shampoo, which is 93% natural ingredients blended with purified water and natural ingredients with limited processing, is quite assertive in hair care. Developed in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, considered one of the world’s plant giants, this product is the preferred choice for pH-balanced color-treated hair. You can click here to purchase the product.

3. Dove hair therapy

With Dove Hair Therapy Hydration Spa Moisturizing Shampoo, which attracts attention with its sulfate-free content, you can have soft and hydrated hair from the first application. Is your hair in need of care? Dove Hair Therapy Hydration winks at you if you’re looking for a clean shampoo recommendation that provides professional care for your hair at home. Sulfate-free Dove Hair Therapy Hydration Spa Moisturizing Shampoo combines skincare-inspired ingredients with expert haircare solutions to make your routine a must-have. Dove Shampoo with valuable extracts cares for the hair fiber at the cellular level. Your hair looks more beautiful and healthy from the first application, and at the same time, the scalp is cleared of dirt. What’s more, PETA has confirmed that Dove products are not tested on animals. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

4. Ogx Color Saver Orchid Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo

One of the most successful sulfate-free ingredients on the list, Ogx Color Protector Orchid Oil Shampoo helps protect the color of your color-treated hair with its powerful formula containing orchid extract and grape seed oil. Preventing your hair from fading day after day with its UVA and UVB filters, this powerful shampoo also hydrates your hair. You can create great care with Ogx, which offers silky softness and a cool look. You can click here to buy the product with its valuable sulfate-free formula.

5. Elidor Collagen Blends Sulfate-Free Shampoo

sulfate free shampoo

We continue the list of recommended sulfate-free shampoos by Elidor. Sulfate-free Elidor series, which restores lost strength to the hair thanks to the collagen contained in it, provides the hair with the necessary moisture thanks to its formula containing hyluronic acid. Thanks to its brand new formula, it keeps your hair revitalized by moisturizing it. Its essence, containing hyluronic acid and collagen, provides hair with radiance for 24 hours. With a sulfate-free and silicone-free formula, it provides gentle hair care while helping to retain moisture in the hair. You can click here to purchase the product.

6. Kerastase Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Kerastase is #6 on our list of recommended sulfate-free shampoos. Kerastase Sulfate-Free Shampoo, one of the best in the series, is designed for perfect softness and shiny looking hair. The valuable extracts included in its composition delicately envelop the hair and protect the moisture balance. Kerastase sulfate-free hair care products are ideal for hair health. You can click here to purchase the product.

7. Davines Sulfate-Free Nourishing Shampoo

sulfate free shampoo

Daviness Nourishing, which offers the perfect care for damaged and dry hair, gives silky softness and nourishes the hair thanks to the valuable extracts it contains. Sulfate-free and non-irritating to the scalp, Davines Sulfate-Free Shampoo is one of the must-have products in your daily hair care routine. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

8. Detox with OGX Charcoal

We conclude our list of OGX Charcoal Detox sulfate-free shampoos. Ranked among the best sulfate-free shampoos, this product contains a purifying charcoal detox. Remember that it is also suitable for oily hair types. Shampoo that cleanses the hair by removing oil and dirt, and leaves the hair looking vibrant and shiny. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

Bonus: Why is it important to use sulfate-free shampoos?

sulfate free shampoo

Above, we mentioned sulfate-free shampoos, sulfate-free shampoo recommendations, and more. Now let’s answer another very curious question. What Does Salt-Free Sulfate-Free Shampoo Do? Sulfate-free shampoos help maintain hair’s natural moisture. This way, your hair will retain its natural shine and softness. If you have color-treated hair, sulfate-free shampoos are a must have. This is because sulfate-free shampoos are sensitive and protect the hair. On the other hand, sulfate-free shampoos keep hair color longer. So, is sulfate-free shampoo good for you?

Frequent use of sulfate-containing hair products can cause irritation and itching of the scalp. On the other hand, sulfate-free shampoos are quite mild and help control scalp inflammation. Sulfate-free shampoos are considered environmentally friendly, as they are made from plant derivatives. If your hair is devoid of moisture and tends to get a little electrified, you can purchase a sulfate-free shampoo suitable for your daily hair care routine.

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