Traveling is an essential passion of many people. So it is not in vain that many travelers have lived on earth throughout history! However, when traveling, getting to know the geography and culture of different parts of the world, many difficulties arise. Endless distances, endless waiting, busy and tedious paperwork, and many other environmental factors can tire all travelers.

However, technology can completely remove these annoying elements for all travelers. Some things that today look like they can only happen in sci-fi movies could send environmental restrictions forever into the dustbin of history! Here are 8 developments that could completely change our travel experience in the near future.

1. Technological developments at airports

Long waits at airports and tedious paperwork can turn a trip that started with a lot of excitement into a negative experience. Passport and visa control, staff who can be quite annoying at times, luggage that is impossible to reach… Airports can be a nightmare for travelers at times.

However, this chaotic and tedious structure of airports may become a thing of the past in the near future. Because technologies that cover all areas of our lives are gradually penetrating airports. For example, Dubai International Airport has been using a “biometric pass system” since 2018. Passengers exiting the aircraft enter the tunnel through smart doors, and thanks to the facial recognition system in the tunnel, all the tedious paperwork is handled.

And in just 5 seconds! Passengers exiting the tunnel can leave the airport without encountering either staff or document control. It is argued that thanks to similar facial recognition systems used at different airports around the world, long waits at airports can become a thing of the past, and thus the experience of human travel will take on a whole new dimension.

2. Digital suitcases


If there is one thing that can ruin a trip, it’s lost luggage! In some cases, especially in chaotic airports, baggage claim can be the most difficult task during a trip! But technology is on the side of travelers in this regard. Many manufacturers are looking to provide a permanent solution to this digitally traceable baggage problem.

However, some airlines place digital tags on passengers’ luggage so that the luggage’s mysterious journey can be tracked at all stages. In other words, in the near future, digital labels may replace the classic paper luggage tags we are accustomed to. Thus, the problem of lost suitcases can become a thing of the past…

3. Augmented reality


Virtual and augmented reality is one of the brightest technologies of our time. Of course, there are also companies that are looking to use augmented reality in ways that enhance the travel experience of humanity. First of all, augmented reality in travel can allow people to interact more closely with museums, historical artifacts or works of art in the countries they visit. What’s more, without the need for any manual! It is argued that technology can physically transport people to “difficult geographies”, and this could be the beginning of a new era in travel.

4. Flying taxis

The desire to explore is the main motivation of many travelers. However, there are also difficulties associated with traveling through geographies full of darkness. In this direction, transport can become a serious problem for tourists who set foot in a new country. However, the days are not far off when we will not face such a problem as getting lost in a foreign country…

One of the latest products of technological developments in the field of transportation are flying taxis. Of course, this technology is still in its infancy. But in the not-too-distant future, we may see skies full of drones carrying adventure-seeking tourists.

5. Eco-hotels

Humanity is facing some deadly threats such as global warming and the climate crisis. For this reason, countless scientists are looking for ways to eliminate these threats, which are so serious that they could lead humanity to extinction. Eco-friendly technologies are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Of course, one of the areas where green technologies are spreading is travel.

Today, some “eco-hotels” in different parts of the world offer tourists not only a different travel experience, but also a whole new life experience. Eco-friendly hotels strive to minimize the carbon footprint of their customers.

For this reason, both the architectural features of hotels and the services they offer are shaped in this direction. Some experts say that over time, eco-hotels will become more common and will significantly change people’s travel experience.

6. Applications that overcome the language barrier


Not knowing a foreign language is one of the biggest obstacles for many people wishing to travel abroad. However, the development of technology and especially artificial intelligence can remove the language barrier in front of humanity.

Today, many technology companies are launching applications that can perform audiovisual translations very successfully. In all languages ​​of the world!

7. Space travel


Countless travelers have already embarked on adventure travel. But what journey promises more adventure than space travel? Here, technology is very close to changing our travel experience forever, turning our itinerary into space.

Today, many tech companies are struggling to make tourist space travel a reality. For this reason, outer space may soon be added to the list of “vacation places you must see before you die.”

8. Development of transport technologies


Humanity has long been looking for ways to travel faster, safer and cheaper. According to many, we are very close to achieving this goal! It is known that the American entrepreneur Elon Musk has long been working on a high-tech transport system called Hyperloop.

A technology based on the idea that train-like capsules can travel safely and quickly along a specially designed transportation route could lead to breakthrough innovations in rapid transit. Of course, the fact that long roads can be covered in a short time is one of the factors that can greatly change the travel experience.

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