Cats are an integral part of our lives. But there are also some responsibilities and challenges of living with cats that are the joy of our homes. Especially when it comes to cat litter boxes. For this reason, choosing the right toilet for your cat is extremely important for both their physical and mental health, as well as home hygiene. Of course, there are other things to consider when choosing a cat litter box. But most of all, you need to choose models that will take care of your health, comfort and hygiene at home. On the other hand, top-entry cat toilet models are one of the products that will meet the needs of both your cat and you in all these matters. So what are the advantages of a top-entry cat toilet, which are the best top-entry cat toilet models? Here are the 8 best models of top-entry cat toilets that you can choose with peace of mind for your cat’s health and home hygiene.

1. Fophop cat toilet with top entry

Cat toilets occupy a much more important place in their lives than you might think. Especially if you have more than one cat, the toilet should be large. This top-quality cat litter from the Fophop brand provides the movement space your cats need thanks to its size of 52.1 x 42.5 x 13.3 centimeters.

Weighing just 3.22 kilograms, this top-entry cat toilet is also designed to prevent litter from spilling around your home. What’s more, because the floor area where the cat litter is located is designed as a drawer, it is very useful and extremely easy to keep clean. However, the most striking feature of the product is its lightweight and easy-to-carry design. You can easily use the Fophop Top Entry Cat Toilet anywhere in your home, and you can even easily take it with you on all your cat trips. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

2. Moderna Top indoor cat toilet

In homes where our furry friends reign supreme, it can be difficult to maintain hygiene at home from time to time. The motives of cats to cover urine and feces with sand can become a serious problem when choosing a litter box that is not suitable for home use. Here is the Moderna Top indoor cat toilet, which, thanks to the serrated structure of the upper surface of the lid, acts as a mat and makes dirty litter a problem for you forever!

The top cover of the product can be completely and easily removed. Thanks to this, you can easily clean the toilet. In addition, the product’s inlet and outlet sections on the top cover have been designed entirely with your cat’s comfort in mind. This “door” section is 25×22 centimeters wide. On the other hand, the product, which is 39 centimeters high, 59 centimeters long and 39 centimeters wide, also provides the mobility space your cat needs. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

3. Iris Ohyama cat toilet with top entrance

This product with dimensions of 53 x 41 x 37 centimeters attracts attention with its stylish design. Easy to use anywhere in your home, this top-entry cat toilet weighs just 2.65 kilograms. It is worth noting, however, that the product weighs less than 7 kilograms and is intended for kittens.

The wide entrance at the top has been designed in such a way that your cat has easy access to it. In addition, thanks to the special design, it prevents the spilling of the litter. The shovel for cleaning the litter box is very useful, which is attached to the product and can be hung on the toilet with a hook. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

4. Begonial Indoor Cat Toilet

Cat toilet with top entrance

Measuring 44 x 37 x 31, this top-entry cat toilet prevents even the most active cats from spilling sand around the house thanks to the perforated design on the top lid. Its user-friendly design allows you to conveniently clean the toilet and meet the needs of the toilet in a hygienic environment.

In addition, the high-quality polypropylene material allows the product to be used for many years, both indoors and outdoors. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

5. FengQi Indoor Cat Toilet

This product, manufactured by the FengQi brand, has two different entrances, one on the top and one on the front. In other words, your cats can enter their toilets through any door. The large volume inside the toilet provides the mobility space your cat needs. In addition, its construction consisting of convex slats and special holes on the upper surface prevents sand and cat litter from scattering around your house when jumping.

The top lid, which can be fully opened, makes cleaning work much easier. In addition, the cat litter box cleaning shovel attached to the product is very functional and can be hung on the toilet. However, the most striking feature of the product is; A container with a deodorizing filter that prevents the spread of unpleasant odors in the home. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

6. Vealind foldable cat toilet

Cat toilet with top entrance

Vealind Foldable Cat Litter is one of the best products on the list. Because, above all, it is quite light because it weighs 2.58 kg, durable thanks to polypropylene and quite wide because it has dimensions of 51x41x38.

There are two different entrances on the front and top of the product. However, you cannot exit from the entrance in the front section. The opening at the top of the product can be used for both entry and exit. This toilet entry and exit design obviously directs the cat to exit the top of the toilet.

Because the design of the top of the product ensures that cat litter and all other waste will stay in this area without being scattered around the house. In turn, the profiled design of the lower part, where the cat litter is located, makes cleaning very easy. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

7. MASOCAT cat toilet with lid

Cat toilet with top entrance

The MASOCAT cat toilet with lid is one of the products after which your cats can freely choose the way in and out. The product, which is particularly suitable for kittens due to its dimensions, has a large interior space in which your lovely kittens can move freely. Specially raised side panels prevent cat litter and other impurities from spilling out.

The lower and upper sections, which are mounted on top of each other, allow easy cleaning of the toilet. Finally, let us remind you that this product weighing 2.15 kilograms has dimensions of 45.6 x 35.5 x 23.4 centimeters. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

8. PandaFairy foldable cat toilet

Cat toilet with top entrance

Toilets are extremely important for the physical, mental and health of our beloved friends. At the end of our list of the best top-entry cat toilets is the PandaFairy foldable cat toilet, which has a very beautiful and useful design.

The product, which thanks to its foldable design saves space, can be installed in a very short time. So how do you clean this top-entry litter box? Thanks to the drawer design of the toilet, the cleaning process becomes quite simple. The perforated design on the top of the product keeps sand and other litter from your cats’ paws trapped inside.

The product has a large enough internal volume to be sufficient for all cat breeds. Thanks to this function, it also contributes to the protection of the physical and mental health of our beloved friends. In addition, products such as a litter spoon, claw clipper, food bowl and hair removal roller that may be needed for cat grooming come with the PandaFairy foldable cat litter box, which weighs 3.7 kilograms. You can click here to see or buy the product in more detail.

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