While Apple introduced widget support in iOS 14, Android has been using the widget feature almost since its early days. Today, widgets are used in many operating systems from Windows to macOS, from iOS to Android. Widgets usually allow us to access information via a shortcut on a small screen without launching an application.

On the Android side, there are many widget apps that can work with all smartphones and tablets. These widgets provide quick solutions in various categories such as weather tracking, news reading, calendar access. While widgets enhance the functionality of your device, they also allow you to personalize your phone by displaying information on many topics. Here in this article, we have listed 8 best free Android Widget apps for you👇

Google Keep

Google Keep is arguably the easiest and most useful note-taking app. This popular note-taking app also provides the ability to add an app widget directly to your home screen. You can quickly read important notes right on your home screen with the Google Keep widget.

In addition, you can access them from the window to view your old notes. Lastly, it’s also very useful for access as you can edit all the notes you take from your browser or other devices.

You can download the Google Keep app from here.

1Weather: forecast and radar

android widget

Weather widget apps may be the most common widget used by most Android users. 1Weather on our list is interesting not only because it looks good, but also because it is useful.

Among the reasons why the 1Weather app stands out so much is that it is quite customizable and it is presented to you with daily, weekly and even monthly weather forecast features. The app itself is free, but if you want an ad-free experience, you need to purchase the 1Weather Pro version with all features unlocked.

You can download the 1Weather: Forecast & Radar app here.

The battery widget is reborn

android widget

Battery Widget Reborn is one of the best Android Widget apps that provides battery usage information. It offers a circular battery level widget. You can change the color and size to match your theme, home screen layout, or background.

The app itself also contains shortcuts to features such as battery information, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. It even offers graphs that show more detailed battery activity. Battery Widget Reborn doesn’t have an overly complicated interface and isn’t hard to use. However, apps like Battery Widget Reborn are still useful today, as smartphone manufacturers don’t always allow the battery percentage to be displayed on the status bar.

You can download the Battery Widget Reborn app from the link here.

Google Calendar

android widget

Another Google widget worth adding to your home screen is the Google Calendar. You can use two main windows. They are available as calendar month and calendar schedule. The calendar month is similar to the smaller version of the month view in the Google Calendar app. Here you can quickly view the current month, as well as the events, reminders, and tasks you’ve already added to that month. You can switch to another month by clicking the left and right arrows on the widget. If you need to add a new event, just tap the plus sign on the widget.

As a second option, the Google Calendar widget is a calendar program. It is smaller than the calendar month widget and only contains a list of upcoming events, reminders, and tasks for the next two weeks. It also has a plus sign button that you can use to add new events. Whichever widget you use, both are very useful to keep you on top of your schedule.

You can download the Google Calendar app from here.

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TickTick: to-do list and tasks

android widget

While TickTick makes scheduling and time management easier, it also helps its users stay focused. It has a simple user interface, plenty of editing and customization options, and most of its features are completely free.

The application uses a list style with simple controls. You can use it to remember your work tasks or shopping list. You can even share your lists with friends or family. The app also comes with several widget options. You can also sort tasks by things like due date.

You can download TickTick:To-do list & Tasks from the link here.

To Do List – To Do List

android widget

The following useful widget app for Android is designed to help you with your daily tasks. Once you’ve created a list of tasks to complete in your app, you can add a widget to it. Also, you do not need to change the widget, as you add new ones after completing tasks.

It’s smart enough to keep abreast of changes in the app, so the next time you make a change, the app will automatically reflect those changes in the home screen widget. To-Do List – To-Do List offers a very useful solution with a stylish and simple design.

You can download the To-Do List app – To Do List here.

Time To: Countdown & Widget

Is there an upcoming event that you are excited about? Perhaps the holidays or the birthday of a loved one are approaching. Either way, you probably won’t be able to stop counting down the big and long-awaited days. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about counting days and crossing off calendar sheets. Instead, you can use the Time To widget.

This nifty app adds a countdown to your home screen with one of three options: photo background, transparent background, or just one color. Unlike photos and a transparent background, a solid color widget can use different units for countdown.

For example, if you select the unit of minutes, it will display the number of minutes left before you are active. If you select the timer unit, the number of days, hours, and minutes will be displayed instead. The app includes dozens of free images and live photos that you can set as your background, but you can also use one of the photos stored on your device.

You can download Time Before: Countdown & Widget from the link here.

KWGT Custom Widget Creator

The purpose of the KWGT app is to allow users to create their own widgets and use them as they see fit. You can make it do different things and make it look pretty much the way you want it to.

Some of the things you can display include system information (CPU speed, network statistics, etc.), time, battery, date, countdown, traffic information, alarm, location, and more. You can even download ready-made widgets if you don’t want to create your own.

It requires more processing power compared to most widgets, as it offers a fairly wide range. There are other alternatives such as Zooper, UCCW, and Ice Widget, but some of them no longer receive updates.

You can download the KWGT Kustom Widget Maker App from the link here.

How to use Android Widget Apps?

Finally, let’s answer the question of how to add widgets to your home screen along with the 8 best Android Widget apps.

Before you can use our offers in our list or widget of any app, you need to download the app from the Google Play store.

  • Open the Android phone home screen, press and hold any empty space. (Some manufacturers support the two-finger pinch gesture.)
  • Here you will get access to many widgets, from built-in system widgets to Google apps.
  • You can add whatever you want from this area to the home screen by dragging or tapping.
  • On the home screen, you can resize and customize widgets. Some widgets may ask you to complete these steps earlier.

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