As society develops, our behavior and expectations change. Many things that were previously considered taboo or unacceptable are now part of everyday life. We’ve all heard the old adage, “Today’s youth are not ashamed.” This is precisely the direct indicator of a changing society. In this article, we will look at 8 behaviors that our elders may find unacceptable, but quite normal for us.

1. Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding is a natural and important part of motherhood. Unfortunately, this topic has been considered a taboo in society for many years. With increased awareness of breastfeeding, this natural act has become more accepted. Today, laws in many places around the world protect a mother’s right to breastfeed in public, and many places offer women a private and comfortable place to breastfeed their babies. Thus, mothers can feed their babies anytime, anywhere. After all, keeping a hungry baby waiting shouldn’t be more ethical than feeding him right now!

2. Talk openly about your period


Unfortunately, many women find it very difficult to talk about their periods, as menstruation has been considered a “dirty” or “dirty” process for many years. However, this is part of femininity, moreover, it is a necessary condition for the continuation of the existence of society. Due to the fact that women cannot talk about menstruation and are ashamed, sometimes their illness is not noticed or women cannot feel like women.

Fortunately, in recent years there have been movements to break the taboo around menstruation. Women are now more open in sharing their experiences, and organizations are working to increase access to menstrual products and education. I want menstruation, which is such an important part of a woman’s life, to never be taboo.

3. Visible tattoos


People with visible tattoos have faced discrimination at work and in society in the past. However, tattoos have become more visible in recent years. Fortunately, these works of art, which are considered a way of self-expression, are no longer a tool of discrimination.

4. Women using their maiden name after marriage


Traditionally, when women marry, they take their husband’s surname, which is considered a sign that they are “one” in their marriage. This is still the case in many countries. This tradition, especially associated with descent from the father, began to disturb women over time.

However, in recent years more women have begun to break with the tradition of using maiden names even after marriage.

5. Divorce

In ancient times, divorce was considered bad luck. Especially divorced women were excluded from society and criticized. But over time, the taboo on divorce was almost lifted, and it became easier for people to get divorced without thinking about what others would say.

6. In torn clothes

In the past, people wearing tattered clothes were often seen as shabby or disrespectful. When you go to grandma or grandma in ripped jeans, “Should I sew this?” That’s why he said it.

However, in recent years, torn clothing has become very fashionable. Many designers began to include torn clothes in their collections. Now we see people everywhere in torn clothes in everyday life.

7. Men are emotional

Traditional gender roles also do not welcome men to openly express their feelings, as they consider emotionality as a weakness. Men who cry or show their emotions are called weak or feminine. Therefore, in ancient times, men suppressed their emotions in order to meet social expectations.

Fortunately, attitudes towards conservative masculinity have changed, and the detrimental effects of toxic masculinity have become better understood. Breaking this taboo encourages men to express themselves more freely.

8. Absence of children

For centuries, having children has been considered a life necessity and often accepted as a social norm. People who chose not to have children were often seen as clumsy.

Many people today choose not to have children anymore for a variety of reasons, including personal preference, financial stability, and environmental concerns.

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