Do you feel like your excitement when you first started a relationship has changed over time? You couldn’t stay away from each other during the dating period, you would always have a topic to talk about, you would like to be with him all day and night, but as your relationship develops, you think that interest, excitement and that strong desire decrease. Now you feel like you’re doing the same thing all the time, looking for a change. If you feel the same way, we are here to help you. It is possible to return the passion to the relationship! In this article, we will help you rekindle the fire of your relationship in 7 steps.

1. Give up routine activities

Bring “newness” back into your relationship. This item is actually easier than you think. You can start with simple things like visiting a new restaurant or going to a different cafe than usual.

2. Be open to innovation in sexuality

From monotony

For example, if you always have sex in the bedroom, don’t have sex in bed for a month. Just being in a different room or place can make things more interesting.

3. Do something fun

From monotony

Add adrenaline-boosting activities like bungee jumping, mountain biking, surfing, roller coasters, and countryside walks. Of course, you can’t do this every day; getting out of your routine will benefit both you and your relationship.

4. Get out of your comfort zone as a couple

From monotony

Jointly getting into a new and somewhat uncomfortable situation strengthens relationships, rejuvenates them and helps to break out of monotony. As in the previous point, this will improve both you and your relationship.

5. Work on a project together

Going to the market and choosing exotic vegetables to prepare a brand new dish is also considered a project. Take pictures, make collages, draw or read and discuss a book together!

6. Plan a new adventure

If you really need to shake up your routine, planning a new adventure together will add excitement to your relationship. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go abroad to experience the adventure. It is enough to take the subway and get off at any place.

7. Go on regular dates

Relationship experts agree that dating regularly can help rekindle the spark of a relationship because you can look forward to it every week or two.

Don’t worry, long-term relationships can become monotonous and habitual. In fact, that’s one of the beauties of getting to know someone and spending life with them. Getting rid of monotony in relationships is very easy, the main thing is to be grateful to each other for what they are 💕

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