Nintendo Switch is a modern console with many features that enhance the gaming experience and make the gamer’s life easier. It is not only a gaming system but also an entertainment machine, providing the ability to create movies, TV, games and music.

The console provides a user-friendly gaming experience with hidden features and settings. However, these features are mostly unused, so more information is required to get the best experience for Switch owners. Here are 7 features and settings that you should definitely try with Nintendo Switch👇

#1 Use an Xbox or PlayStation controller

Nintendo Switch comes with a unique set of controllers known as Joy-Con. These are much smaller than traditional game controllers and can be detached from the console. Moreover, it can be used alone or in combination with a handle to create a more traditional remote control. Joy-Con controllers also support motion tracking and haptic feedback via HD Rumble.

Of course, while the Joy-Con has a number of advantages, it may not suit everyone who prefers to play with a more standard controller. Nintendo has released a controller called the Pro Controller for this. In addition, several external solutions can be preferred. In addition, it is possible to use these console controllers for those who already own a PlayStation or Xbox and do not want to spend money on a new console.

The easiest way to do this is to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter and connect it to the console. Thus, it will be possible to connect a DualSense, DualShock or Xbox controller directly to the console. Some features of these controllers may not work properly, but they can be used to play games and navigate menus, just like an official Nintendo controller.

#2 Find the missing Joy-Cons

Nintendo Switch

Because Joy-Con controllers are so small, it’s very easy to get lost. But there is a solution to finding lost Joy-Con controllers. Simply go to the Controls tab at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch console. Within this menu is a “Find Controller” option which will allow you to select the Joy-Con that was previously synced to the system, which will cause the controller to vibrate. Players will find this feature useful in a completely quiet environment, as vibrato may be hard to hear over other sounds.

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#3 Find out what you can do with the extra profiles

Many games on the Nintendo Switch allow players to only have one save slot. This can be a problem for those who want to have several different save slots at the same time. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the last examples to offer players only one save slot.

But there is a way around this. The console supports up to eight separate profiles, so families can use the same console and have their own game library and save data. Each user profile can have a unique name and photo. But more importantly, they also have their own save slots for the vast majority of games. This means that by creating multiple user profiles for one person, it is possible to access more records than usual.

#4 Time to use the Joy-Con IR sensor!

Nintendo Switch

One thing many Switch gamers don’t realize is that the Joy-Cons also have an IR sensor. When the console first came out, Nintendo mentioned that this camera could help with motion tracking.

In fact only the Joy-Con proper has an infrared sensor. This feature was first shown in the “1-2-Switch” mini-game. Later, this sensor was integrated into other heads in various ways. For example, “Ring Fit Adventure” can measure a player’s heart rate using this sensor, while “Resident Evil Revelations” allows players to reload their weapons by turning off the camera.

One of the most interesting uses of the infrared sensor on the right Joy-Con is that it can actually be used as a night vision camera. The Night Vision app in the Nintendo Store can display a low-quality image in a room without any natural or artificial light, and display the night vision image on the Nintendo Switch screen or on the TV.

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#5 Activate dark mode to reduce eye strain

Nintendo Switch

Dark mode has become an essential feature for many on all kinds of devices, from tablets and smartphones to desktop computers. By using a darker color scheme, screens give off less light, making for a more relaxing experience, especially for those who play in low-light areas or during dark hours.

Enabling dark mode on Nintendo Switch is very simple. You can follow the main screen and then the system settings steps. From there, go to Themes and select the Basic Black setting. It is also possible to decrease the screen brightness by pressing the Home button on the Joy-Con and moving the slider to adjust the brightness.

This not only reduces eye strain and makes menu navigation easier, but also saves battery life. However, it is important to know that changing these settings will not do anything within the game, as the options are only for the Nintendo Switch home screen and other menus.

#6 Make better use of your battery

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch can run on an internal battery to power the console when not connected to a dock. So if you are traveling or do not have access to a power source, you can use this battery. This is why getting the most out of the battery becomes important for those who like to play for more than a few hours.

There are a few options for cases where the battery runs out very quickly. Lowering the brightness and switching to dark mode can help extend your gaming time as it doesn’t need to use as much energy to brighten the screen. You can also extend battery life by turning off console features like Wi-Fi. It is also possible to save more battery by disabling HD rumble.

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#7 Check your game stats

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has a number of key stats for players to check out. This information often ranges from information about how active you are on the console and specific games (such as how many times you’ve played a certain game) to more detailed statistics about your total game time. This can be useful not only for showing the duration of games, but also for determining how many younger family members have played on the console.

Playtime and usage activity can also be tracked directly through the Nintendo Switch parental controls app available on iOS and Android. This app can connect to multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, giving users the ability to check these stats without directly accessing the console. Profile statistics as well as daily and monthly summaries can be viewed.

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