With the onset of warm days, many people are attracted to outdoor activities. However, there are those who cannot give up their passion for cinema! In this article, we’ve compiled the perfect films from master filmmakers for cinephiles who want to be part of a sad, funny, thrilling, or dark adventure no matter the weather. Here are some great movie tips for those who are wondering what to watch this weekend.

1. Hospital Britain – British Hospital (1982) – IMDB: 6.2.

British director Lindsey Anderson’s 1982 play Hospital Britannia is one of the productions in which the unique British sense of cinema and humour, is most prominent. This extraordinary British black comedy follows the adventures of a reporter named Mick Travis who is about to make a documentary he shouldn’t have made. The film stars world famous British actor Malcolm McDowell in the title role.

“Hospital Britain” brings its theme to the audience from a very interesting point of view, with elements of black comedy, as well as strange events and characters that can be called surreal. The plot of this unusual British film in brief is as follows:

Queen Elizabeth is the most important guest of the celebrations on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the British hospital. However, it will not be easy for this important guest to attend the celebrations in the hospital. Because the hospital staff is on strike. In addition, the hospital is at the center of allegations that gruesome experiments were carried out inside. Here, Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell) decides to sneak in and film a documentary on the very day the Queen is due to visit the hospital. However, he will witness some rather strange events.

2. Supa Modo – Superhero (2018) – IMDB: 7.2

Second on our weekly list of recommended movies is Supa Modo, a German-Kenyan co-production.

Considered one of the pre-eminent directors of African cinema, Likarion Wainaina shares with the audience a vivid and sad adventure in the exotic lands of Africa in the film Supa Modo.

Joe (Stacey Waver), a young boy with cancer, is released from the hospital and returned home so he can enjoy the rest of his life. Her older sister Mwix (Nyawara Ndambia) will do everything she can to make her brother happy. Thus, her older sister convinces the whole city that Jo can be happy and fulfill her dreams. On the other hand, 9-year-old Joe believes he is a superhero and all the townspeople believe the same.

3. EO – 2022 – IMDB: 6.8

EO by Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski is one of the most interesting films on our list of recommended films. Because the master director turns his frame into a very sad world with EO, for which he returned to the big screen after a long time. To do this, he uses the eyes of a donkey named EO!

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 when it was shown, EO prefers to describe the sad world he has created in an extremely original way.

Jerzy Skolimowski claims in this award-winning film that a donkey named E.O. can face good and bad, just like people; proves she can be the lead role of a joyful, sad, ups and downs adventure…

4. Werk ohne Autor – Never Look Away (2018) – IMDB: 7.7

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The 2018 film, directed by German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, stars Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch and Paula Beer.

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck follows the adventures of the fictional character Kurt Barnert (Tom Schilling), based on the life of German painter, sculptor and photographer Gerhard Richter.

Kurt Barnert spent his childhood in Nazi Germany and his youth in communist Germany. The life of an artist in the same geography but in two different universes has caused traumas that will seriously affect both his art and his relationships.

5. La Caja – The Box (2021) – IMDB: 6.5

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The 2021 play Caja, directed by Venezuelan director Lorenzo Vigas, is a sad dramatic thriller with extremely harsh political criticism. Hernán Mendoza, Hatzin Navarrete and Elian González star in the production, which won acclaim from film critics around the world at the time of its release.

La Caja, one of the most remarkable productions of South American cinema in recent years, is dedicated to the journey of a Mexican teenager named Hatzin, who had to carry the remains of his father in a box and return home alone. Who did not recognize himself during this journey; but meeting a very familiar face, his “father”, makes the story really interesting.

6. Metro Le Dernier – The Last Metro (1980) – IMDB: 7.3

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Le Dernier Metro is ranked sixth on our weekly list of recommended films and is among the latest masterpieces by French artist François Truffaut, one of the most important names in film history. The world-famous names of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu, star in this 1980s love story.

Marion Steiner, director of a small theater troupe in Nazi-occupied Paris in the 1940s, is a successful and professional actress. However, his wife Lukas Steiner, a Jewish theater critic, is deeply affected by the difficulties of the Nazi occupation and is considering leaving Paris. Marion, on the other hand, approaches this request from a distance and believes that they can overcome difficulties with the power of art. However, his passion for art and his profession are not the only thing that connects him to Paris.

7 Daratt – Dry Season (2006) – IMDB: 6.9

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At the end of our weekly list of recommended films, there is another African production. Daratt, directed by Chadian director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, starred Ali Barkai and Youssouf Joro. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun looks at the extraordinary elements of African social life from a very human point of view in his film Praising the World…

After the perpetrators of the Chadian civil war are released under a state amnesty, a grieving grandfather sends his grandson Atim (Ali Barkay) to the city to kill the man who killed his son. However, the killer, released from prison, strives to be a good and exemplary citizen. When they first meet Atim – he doesn’t know that Atim plans to kill him – he offers the boy a job. The two start working together at the killer’s bakery…

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