There are many interesting geographical regions in the world. Some of them are known for having some of the most beautiful natural landscapes mankind has ever seen. Some are distinguished by extremely difficult living conditions. However, Point Nemo, also known as the “center of nothingness” or “pole of inaccessibility”, has some unusual features that distinguish it from all other geographical places. Point Nemo, “The Farthest Place on Earth!” Therefore, it is as mysterious as it is interesting. Because no man has ever been to the farthest place on Earth! But there is something we do know about Point Nemo, an extremely mysterious and desolate place. Here are 7 things you need to know about the farthest place on Earth, Point Nemo…

1. Point Nemo is located in the South Pacific

Point Nemo is exactly 2688 kilometers from the nearest land! Located at 48° 52.6′ South latitude and 123° 23.6′ West longitude, this region is called the furthest place on Earth because it is the farthest point from any continent.

On the other hand, Point Nemo is equidistant from three different islands located in three different directions. Dewes Island to the north, Motu Nui to the northeast, and Maher Island to the south. All three of these islands, each of which is completely uninhabited, are located 2688 kilometers from Point Nemo.

2. People in space are closer to Point Nemo than people on Earth!

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Sounds very interesting, but it’s true! The distance between the International Space Station and Point Nemo is reduced to 415 kilometers when the station is at a certain point. In other words, astronauts on the station are closer to Point Nemo at certain times than people on Earth.

3. Considered a “center of inaccessibility”

Point Nemo is considered the geographical center of the inaccessible zone, although it is the most remote place on Earth.

4. Opened in 1992 by Croatian engineer Hrvoe Lukatela.

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However, this discovery was somewhat different from the discoveries known to us in the traditional sense. Because Lucatella has never been to Point Nemo. The Croatian engineer proceeded from the theoretical notions that the Earth is the center of inaccessibility, and was able to determine the coordinates of the Nemo point using various programs and computer simulations.

5. Cape Nemo is named after the fictional character Captain Nemo, created by French writer Jules Verne.

In other words, Captain Nemo, who is featured in the French writer’s famous work 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, is also the father-name of Point Nemo! However, the name “Nemo” is perfect for both Point Nemo and Captain Nemo. Because Nemo means “no one” in Latin.

6. There are almost no creatures living on Cape Nemo

Point Nemo, located in the center of nothingness, has no islands or land masses. In other words, land creatures cannot live on Cape Nemo. What about ocean dwellers?

Sea pressure at Point Nemo is extremely high. However, the water temperature in this region is cold enough to challenge even the hardiest sea creatures. As a result, almost no living creature can survive at Point Nemo. However, some species of bacteria and crabs are known to survive in volcanoes on the ocean floor near the region.

7. Today it is used as a “space graveyard”

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The farthest place on Earth is home to many spacecraft or satellites that have not been used since the 1970s. The Salyut-1 spacecraft, which belonged to the Soviet Union, was first “buried” in the area in 1971. Since then, more than 250 end-of-life spacecraft are known to have been at Point Nemo. In addition, the International Space Station, whose mission will expire in 2030, is also planned to be buried at Cape Nemo.

The main reason Cape Nemo is used as a popular space burial ground is because of its inaccessibility. In addition, the minimum level of ocean currents in the region is one of the problems that turns the region into a cosmic graveyard.

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