It is a fact that almost everyone recognizes that intelligence is extremely important in a person’s life. However, especially “high intelligence” is often overlooked. Because there is not one form of intelligence, but many factors that overshadow intelligence. That is why we ignore many things that are signs of high intelligence. Because when it comes to intelligence, the signs that come to mind for many people are very different from the signs in real life. Here are 7 ignored signs of high intelligence, from empathy to laziness.

1. High capacity for empathy

High empathy is not associated with high intelligence for many people, but it is actually a very obvious sign. Because it is very difficult for a person to understand their own emotions sufficiently, while people with high empathy can accurately analyze and understand the emotions of people in front of them. In short, it is not an exaggeration to say that only highly intelligent people can be highly empathetic.

2. I prefer solitude

The vast majority of people can make a lot of attributions to people who prefer to be “loneliness”. But “smart” is probably not among those acronyms. On the contrary, science says we need to look at single people more closely…

According to a 2016 study, people who prefer being alone over socializing have higher IQs than those who don’t. Scientists believe that this choice may be related to the evolutionary needs of the past.

3. Be late

It is only natural that people who are constantly late are called irresponsible. However, being late is also one of the signs of high intelligence that is ignored. Some scientific research on the subject shows that people who stay up late into the night are more likely to have high intelligence.

4. Have a black sense of humor


If you find yourself laughing at jokes that many might find “heavy” and a little scary, and think what a bad person you are, don’t. Because you’re not bad, you’re smart! A study done at the University of Vienna in recent years shows that people with a “black” sense of humor can be more intelligent both verbally and numerically.

5. High analysis ability


If you are calculating all the possibilities in the face of an event or situation, sharing with you the negative that may arise, and therefore you are called a “thinker”, we have good news for you. You must be a very smart person. Because having high analytical abilities regarding events and situations indicates a high level of intelligence, among many other factors.

6. Curiosity


Curiosity is a trait that many people find difficult to associate with high intelligence, but it is one of the common traits of people with high intelligence.

7. Laziness


Laziness can be a sign of high intelligence, and people don’t go wrong if they overlook it. However, a study conducted at the University of Florida on the Gulf Coast shows that laziness is closely associated with high intelligence. According to research, people with high intelligence are much more successful at entertaining themselves than other people. Therefore, they do not need to engage in activities in the same way as other people.

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