It is common knowledge that true love is very hard to find. For this reason, many people experience extremely unhappy relationships when they go on an adventure to find true love. However, some couples find it difficult to realize how problematic and unhappy their relationship is. But there are some obvious signs that the couple is in an unhappy relationship. Here are 7 signs a couple is unhappy, from the thought of separation to the constant urge to be right.

1. Stop talking

If your partner hasn’t asked how your day went for a while, and you’re not even interested in how his day was, in short, if you’re not eager to chat about even the simplest things, you’re probably unhappy. couple in a rather unhappy relationship! Because one of the most obvious signs of unhappy couples is that they do not communicate with each other, and communication between them ends.

2. Constant striving to be right

If you can never find common ground in arguments that you have with your partner, if you take a minor argument as a personal attack and therefore both of you always strive to be right and not the truth, you are in a problematic and unhappy relationship that needs urgent revision.

3. Thoughts of separation

Every unhappy relationship has some unique characteristics. However, a common feature of almost all unhappy relationships is that one of the parties constantly thinks about separation.

4. Feeling lonely

Your relationship

Expecting happiness in a relationship in which you feel alone is nothing but an extreme fantasy! What’s more, feeling lonely even when you’re around your partner means you’re definitely in an unhappy relationship.

5. Don’t argue

Your relationship

Trying to be right in arguments is one of the signs of an unhappy relationship. But there’s a more obvious sign that a relationship is unhappy: don’t argue! Most people can find that not having arguments is good for their relationship. But normal and healthy discussions are a natural and even necessary part of a normal and healthy relationship. A relationship in which there is no discussion is an indicator that the parties have already “surrendered”.

6. Cling to the past

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Constantly remembering past happy days is one of the most obvious signs that you are currently in an unhappy relationship. On the other hand, if some issues from the past are constantly on the agenda in your relationship and constantly turn into a topic for discussion, then you are again in an unhappy relationship. In short, if the past does not leave you with either good or bad memories, the main reason for this is your unhappiness.

7. Belittle the other side

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Having a bad relationship with a partner and belittling him are two completely different things. If you also feel like you’re starting to look down on your partner, it’s helpful to think about your relationship in detail.

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