It is well known that the British royal family has a very colorful and interesting life. However, little is known about the lives of the dozens of people working with the royal family. However, these people, whose main duty is to make life easier for the royals, also have a very interesting life. Especially the nannies who take care of the youngest members of the royal family! Because there are many qualities that nannies who want to work with the British Royal Family must possess, and countless rules that they must follow! Moreover, each of these features and rules is more interesting than the other! Here are 7 interesting rules that nannies working for the British Royal Family should follow and the features they should have…

1. Beauty should be secondary to nannies.

One of the main qualities they look for in people who will work for the British royal family is that they should not be conspicuous. Of course, this condition also applies to nannies in the family. For this reason, nanny beauty treatments should also be kept to a minimum. Exaggerated makeup or spectacular hairstyles are strictly prohibited!

2. Royal nannies are only allowed to wear certain clothes.

One of the strict rules that nannies responsible for caring for the youngest members of the royal family must follow concerns clothing. The clothes of nannies, who are educated at the old nanny schools in England to work with the family, are also traditionally supplied by the schools in which they are trained. Nannies wear these traditional clothes throughout their professional lives. The basis of the work clothes of the royal nannies are simple pastel-colored dresses, hats, gloves and lace-up shoes.

3. They can only wear discreet jewelry.

Yes, royal nannies live in royal palaces filled with sparkling diamonds, dazzling tiaras and priceless jewelry. However, nannies are allowed to wear very simple, small and unobtrusive jewelry.

4. To be a good babysitter, you also need to be a good driver.

The nannies are responsible for raising the royal children. However, this is not his only responsibility to the family. Royal nannies must also do their best to protect the family’s “privacy”. For this reason, they need to have excellent chauffeur skills, especially in order to get away from the paparazzi. Accordingly, the “Advanced Driving Techniques Course” is mandatory in the basic curriculum at babysitting schools!

5. Melee nannies are a speciality!

The Royal Family

Every family wants the person they entrust their child to be a reliable person who can handle dangerous situations. Royal parents think no differently. That’s why Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the current nanny of the royal family, understands martial arts as well as understands the language of small children! Because nannies have to protect royal children in case of any danger.

6. Nannies who can’t swim can’t work for royalty.

The Royal Family

It is not easy to predict when and where the royal children will want to swim! For this reason, royal nannies must also provide professional lifeguard services to the family along with babysitting.

7. Royal nannies must have professional knowledge in many areas, from cooking to sewing.

The Royal Family

Of course, there are many chefs in the royal family, many tailors. However, nannies specially trained to work with families must have the knowledge to perform such day-to-day tasks. Also on a professional level. For this reason, English nanny schools provide nannies with a high standard of education in many different areas that will work with the royal family.

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