The British royal family is famous for its ancient roots, extraordinary traditions and wonderful family members. So much so that millions of people around the world closely follow traditions, life and family members. Prince Harry is one of the most interesting members of this unusual family. Harry, who lived almost his entire life under the gaze of millions of people from the day he was born, nevertheless did not stop living to the fullest. He even cut his ties with the royal family for love! However, leaving the royal family is not the only interesting situation in the life of Prince Harry. Here are 7 Surprising Facts You Haven’t Heard About Prince Harry, the Outlaw of the British Royal Family.

1. Prince Harry doesn’t have a last name

Instead, he officially has 4 different names! When Prince Harry was born, he was given the name “Henry Charles Albert David”. However, when he was born, his family decided that he would be known as Harry.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, although he does not have a surname, is entitled to use the surname Mountbatten-Windsor if necessary one day. Because that name is Queen II. It may be used by descendants of Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip.

2. Prince Harry’s names refer to the royal family and some relatives

The name “Henry” comes from his royal ancestors, “Charles” from his father and brother Princess Diana, “Albert” from his paternal grandfather and wife Queen Victoria, and finally “David” from his great-great-grandfather David Bowes-Lyon. goes.

3. Harry was known in the army as “Captain Wales”.

Like many male members of the royal family, Prince Harry has received extensive military training. Moreover, he was quite successful in the military profession. Naturally, like many successful soldiers, he had a nickname in the army. During his early years in the army, he was called “Officer Cadet Wales”. However, over the years, Prince Harry rose to the rank of captain and became known as “Captain Wales”.

4. For a while, the presence of Prince Harry in the army was kept secret.

Prince Harry

Because Harry was a soldier who went abroad and did not hesitate to get involved in heated conflicts. In 2007, he was sent to Afghanistan as part of the British Army. But knowing that a British prince was among the British soldiers in Afghanistan could make life more difficult for both Harry and the other British soldiers than it really was.

For this reason, it was hidden from the world that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan and at times took part in rather dangerous operations. However, information was leaked to the press that Captain Wales was in Afghanistan. Because of this, Prince Harry had to leave Afghanistan and return to England.

5. He went to the North Pole as part of a humanitarian organization in 2013.

Prince Harry

Only with a team of volunteers! The purpose of this polar expedition, which included Prince Harry, was to raise money for various charities. This arduous journey led by Prince Harry has reached its goal, and a large amount of money has been raised for various charitable causes.

However, Harry’s relief activities were not limited to going to the North Pole. In 2015, two years after returning from the North Pole, the Heretic Prince joined a parade organized by Walking with the Wounded, a charity that works on behalf of veterans and their families in the UK. Harry walked about 30 kilometers as part of the organization.

6. He starred in a short film in 2015.

Prince Harry

So Meghan Markle is not the only actress in the family! Harry appeared in a short film that was screened during the opening ceremony of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Thus, he gained acting experience, if only for a few seconds. On the other hand, Prince Harry played a gardener in the film.

7. Harry made his acting debut again in 2016.

Prince Harry

Moreover, this time there were quite well-known partners: Queen II. Elizabeth, then President of the United States of America, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama! The quartet was in front of the camera at the Invictus Games, an international sporting event organized for veterans.

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