The famous American writer Stephen King has written many horror and thriller novels that have become cult classics today. As a result, many fictional characters from the King universes have become real horror films for millions of readers. But no one was as scary as Pennywise, the sadistic clown from King’s It!

The novel, first presented to the reader in 1986, has been adapted for the big screen and TV screens in subsequent years. Thus, the intimidating image of Pennywise became more famous. On the other hand, although Pennywise is a fictional character created by King, the fear he instilled in millions of people was very real! Here are 7 interesting facts you need to know about Pennywise, the scariest clown of all time…

1. According to Stephen King, children are most afraid of clowns.

The concept of coulrophobia, “fear of clowns”, was known even before the book was written in 1986. But when King started working on his new horror novel, he wanted to create a character that embodies many creatures. He wanted this character to have traces of vampires, mummies, and many other evil creatures.

Focusing on the upcoming work on a new book, King said: “What scares children more than anything in the world?” He started looking for an answer. King answered this question very precisely: Clowns! Thus was born Pennywise, the terrible villain from the book “It” …

2 Pennywise’s worst enemy is the turtle


The evil clown Pennywise is a character mentioned not only in It, but also in various King books. In other words, he is actually one of the characters in the vast universe created by King called the “Macroverse”. Moreover, it is moving to the top of the ranking of the most terrible creatures in the universe. There are good characters in this universe too.

Pennywise’s nightmare, which has become a nightmare for dozens of people in both fictional and real universes, is a turtle named Maturin, who is mentioned in the Dark Tower series of books.

3. One of the candidates for the role of Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries was musician Alice Cooper.


However, Pennywise was played by British actor Tim Curry.

4. Tim Curry revealed in an interview that he actually scared one of the kids on the show.

Child actor Tony Dakota, who played Georgie Denbrough in the iconic paper ship float scene, was very scared of the clown in front of him during filming! In an interview Curry attended, Dakota interrupted the scene and said to herself:You’re scaring mehe explained. Curry replied to the boy:sorry i have toHe also stated that he answered.

5. The notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy in the US was a staunch Pennywise fan.

Gacy, who brutally murdered 33 people in the United States, was executed by lethal injection in 1994. However, before his death, he spent most of his time in prison, painting. Among the paintings that Gacy painted were portraits of Pennywise, whom he admired.

6. Pennywise appears in several of King’s novels.

This isn’t the only novel to feature a scary clown. “Tommynockers” (Transparent), written in 1987, and “Dream Catcher” (Dream Catcher), met the reader in 2001, are other works of King in which Pennywise appears.

7. You may have already seen two different Pennywise on the big screen or in the movies. But there’s another Pennywise you’ve probably never seen!

In the 1990 adaptation, Pennywise was played by Tim Curry. In the 2017 film, Bill Skarsgård gave life to a scary clown. But Pennywise appeared on television long before 2017. Also in India! In 1998, an actor named M. M. Farooqi played a clown who looked a lot like Pennywise in the 52-episode TV series Woh.

However, some minor changes were made to the story of the scary clown in this Indian version. For example, the city of Derry on the Main disappeared in the original story, replaced by the Indian city of Panchgani. And the clown played by M. M. Farooqi was ridiculed because of his small stature…

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