Storytel is an amazing platform based on the practice of listening to audiobooks! The fact that the most beautiful works in the history of literature are in just one earphone makes Storytel very useful and interesting. At Storytel, a great platform for anyone who wants to access versatile works spanning literary movements such as classicism, naturalism and romance, we’ve rounded up 7 books you should listen to. Now grab a coffee, lie back comfortably on the couch, and put on your headphones. What are Storytel books? What is a Storator? What works does the Storytel book list contain? So, without wasting time, let’s get started! Here are audiobook suggestions to accompany you through your headphones while watching the beautiful view…

What is a Storator?

Sometimes when we get home from work tired or after a busy day at school, we may not have time to read. Just at times like these, it would be great if we put on our headphones and choose the book we chose to accompany us during our holidays, wouldn’t it! At times like these, Storytel seems like a nice and practical book-reading option. So what is Storytel?

Storytel is a company based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, that provides audiobook services. Providing audiobook services in more than 20 countries on a monthly subscription model, this company is open to service in more than 25 countries with both local and international content. During the subscription period, access to audiobooks, e-books and all other content in their ever-growing library can be granted. We have collected the most interesting Storytel books for you and prepared a great selection for you below. Here are 7 books that will take you on an amazing journey!

1. Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

What is a Storator? We have answered this question above. It’s time to discover the most amazing Storytel creations! At the top of our list of recommended Storytel books is The Alchemist, which has never dropped off the bestseller list since it was published in 1988. The Alchemist, whose name we often hear, is a rare work that manages to win the hearts of book lovers with both its philosophical and adventurous aspects. Paulo Coelho; Shedding light on the world of East and West from different angles, she invites readers on an inner journey. If you want to put on your headphones and go on this exciting journey, we recommend adding The Alchemist to your Storytel list. Because reading The Alchemist is like waking up at dawn and watching the sun rise when everyone is still asleep!

“If chance had not brought you to me, I would have lived the same way, but without knowing everything. You taught me that there is another life in the world and that I also have a soul.” The book is one of the highlights of Storytel’s list. This novel by Sabahattin Ali, depicting a love story that touches the very depths of the human soul, was first published in the Pravda newspaper under the title “Buyuk Oyku”. The book, which develops the character of Madonna in a fur coat, tells the story of the German Maria Puder and Raif Efendi from Hawran.

Raif Efendi’s character portrays a melancholic who lives in his inner world and draws a line between himself and the outside world. This naive man, marginalized in this world he lives in, can be seen through the character of Rasim, another character in the book. The reasons why Raif Efendi wrote down his secrets in a black-covered notebook, we will learn from this book, which he wrote. At the center of these mysteries is the tragic love story of Raif Efendi. Meeting Maria Puder at a painting exhibition in Germany sheds light on a key moment in this story.

3. Transformation – Franz Kafka

Another highlight of Storytel’s book recommendations is undoubtedly Kafka’s unique Transformation! Franz Kafka, who managed to become one of the world’s greatest writers in his short 40-year life, wrote his most famous masterpiece, Transformation, in 1915. The story of Gregor Samsa, who woke up one morning from a nightmare to find himself transformed into a giant insect, has quickly become a modern classic. Kafka’s masterpiece, in which he strangely combines realism with surreal and even fantastical elements, is still discussed and read with great curiosity.

4. Notes from the underground – Dostoevsky

Storytel Book Recommendations

One of the unique works of Dostoevsky is in 4th place on our list. Notes from the Underground, one of the most widely read and discussed novels of all time, was first published in 1864. The work, which after its publication caused great controversy not only in Russia, but throughout the world, managed to deeply affect many writers and currents of thought. In this novel, the author focused on the inner world and the dark side of man, while at the same time reflecting the evil in human nature instead of artificial optimism and humanity. So much so that the famous thinker Nietzsche spoke of the novel’s astonishing journey with the words “Notes from the Underground scream truth in blood” when describing the novel.

5. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice, the second novel by British writer Jane Austen, is a cult work that has been filmed many times. Young Austen writes works that reflect the middle class and nobility of England in her novels. The novel also sheds light on the lives of the middle-class Bennet family. Mothers of the Bennett family, who have five daughters of marriageable age, are extremely hopeless about the marriage of their daughters.

During the period of the novel, young girls are especially married to children from wealthy families. The story of the book picks up when a wealthy gentleman, Charles Bingley, rents his estate in Netherfield Park. At the ball, Bingley shows no hesitation in taking an interest in Jane, the eldest daughter of the Bennet family. But Mr. Bingley is not alone at the ball; With him is one of his close friends, Mr. Darcy. Throughout the book, we see how a proud man is transformed by the love of a beautiful woman.

6. Father Goriot-Honoré de Balzac

Storytel Book Recommendations

Master writer Balzac writes a book that ranks #6 on our Storytel recommended books list. Goriot Baba is a novel about love, success, money, and a person’s desire to stand out. The action of the novel takes place in Paris, around a rich father who loves his daughters very much. After the untimely death of his wife, the whole life of a father who put all his wealth under the feet of his two daughters tells the story of devotion. However, only time will tell whether these sacrifices and good intentions will be rewarded and whether everyone has the same moral principles. Gorio Baba appears as a world classic of the realistic genre. A classic with a strong focus on paternal feelings, it has a broad character identity and a strong ending.

7. Hamlet – William Shakespeare

Storytel Book Recommendations

We round out our list of recommended Storytel books with Shakespeare’s world famous Hamlet. This impressive work is also the author’s longest-running play. This tragic work, which takes us back to the 1600s, has a plot based on northern tales. The play tells about the perfidious murder of the father of the Danish prince Hamlet by his uncle Claudius and the subsequent complex plot. Through this unforgettable work, we witness how universal themes such as the struggle for the throne, love and power relationships and human reactions are experienced regardless of time. The depth of the characters and the impressive theatrical structure of the work leave the audience with many philosophical and ethical questions. We say that this book, which conveys the unchanging aspects of betrayal, revenge and power, should definitely be on your list, and we continue to listen to Hamlet, one of the most striking works of English literature.


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