Not a day goes by that Mother Nature doesn’t surprise us with her strange sides! ๐Ÿ˜Š Although most of us don’t like insects, we have a neutral relationship with ants. Of course, the small size also affects this. Because we barely see the details of their bodies. The photos you’re about to see will redefine your relationship with ants๐Ÿ˜… Successful photographer Josh Coogler takes portraits of ants using the innovations of macro photography. In doing so, it also reveals details that have been hidden until now. Here are 7 close-ups of ant portraits that look like a scene from a horror movieโ€ฆ

Today we would like to introduce you to successful photographer Josh Coogler.

He makes portraits of ants using the benefits of macro photography.

These goosebumps show that ants are actually much more complex than they appear from a distance.


The faces of ants, resembling masks from horror movies, are actually different from each other.

Coogler says that each colony has different members and each looks different. Really fascinating!


Coogler uses a macro arc that slowly moves the camera around to get these portraits. It then focuses from 30 to 300 shots to get a clearer photo


This method, also known as focusing, is quite common in macro photography. This way you can capture details that are almost impossible to get.


You can click here to access Josh Coogler’s Instagram profile.

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