The Scandinavian detective series, the genre that first comes to mind when it comes to Scandinavian series, is watched with admiration all over the world. The series that have inspired many worldwide productions are also appearing with their adaptations. For example, the most famous of these series, Forbrydelsen, is the original version of the Turkish television series The Killing starring Nurgül Yesilcay and Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan. In this list, we have collected classic Scandinavian crime dramas. Let’s get started without wasting time.

Karppi (headwind)

The series, in which we follow the experiences of detective Sofia Karppi as she tries to uncover the connection between the construction of buildings in Helsinki and the murder, is one of the most popular television series in Finland.

Sorjonen (border town)

Scandinavian series

Sorjonen, also a Finnish television series, tells the story of a talented detective who faces a series of murders he has never faced before in a border town where he has moved to spend more time with his family.

Occupert (Occupy)

We continue our list of Scandinavian series with Occupation. Norway, one of Europe’s largest oil and gas suppliers, is halting oil and gas production due to its environmental policy. The series then takes place in Norway, occupied by Russia on behalf of the European Union.

Vorbridelsen (Murder)

Scandinavian series

The series, which tells about a murderous police officer named Sarah Lund, who in the first season faced one of the most difficult cases of her life, solves a murder related to politics, and consists of only three seasons with different cases. Forbrydelsen, which is one of the best series in Denmark, is worth watching for crime lovers. The series also aired in Turkey with an adaptation called “Cinayet”.

Broen | Bron (bridge)

The series, which began with the discovery of a woman’s body on the Øresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark, tells the story of a series of crimes committed to solve today’s social problems. Known as Scandinavia’s most famous television series, the Swedish-Danish series has also been adapted for the borders between the UK and France, and between the US and Mexico. The series still bears the title of Scandinavian series, which has been remade in most countries among the adapted Scandinavian series.

Ófærð (Prison)

The series, which takes place on the east coast of Iceland, begins with the journey of Hjörtyr and his girlfriend Dagny. The series dedicated to Hjörtur, who disappeared after a fire in an abandoned factory, is considered the most famous series in Iceland. As such, it represents Iceland at the top of the Nordic TV series lists.


We have come to the end of our list of Scandinavian series! Inspired by Scandinavian crime fiction, this series is actually about a Swedish detective working in London named John River. The difference between the series and the Scandinavian detectives is that our main character can establish a connection between the dead and the living.

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