Einstein said, “Logic can get you from point a to point b; The power of imagination is everywhere!” He speaks. As a famous scientist said, our imagination is one of the most special things we have. Books, on the contrary, prove that the imagination of writers is limitless. Books in which we travel to another country and chat with a different character in the novel on every page we turn can take us on completely different adventures. We’ve put together books to accompany you as you sip on delicious coffee while hugging your blanket on cold winter evenings. Let’s take a look at our winter reading list together! Here are 7 books you can add to your library, from Dostoyevsky’s White Nights to Pessoa’s Book of Disorders.

1. White nights – Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky’s famous novel “White Nights” is at the top of our winter reading list. The young man, the protagonist of the novel, accidentally meets Nastenka, who is lonely, like him, on one of the gloomy and white nights of St. Petersburg. Our hero spends four white nights with Nastenka on the streets of St. Petersburg, where they share all their dreams and memories and get closer to each other. Based on the memories of a dreamer, White Nights takes the reader on a long journey through the streets of St. Petersburg with a young man and Nastenka. We recommend adding this work, which accompanies the gloomy spirit of the winter months, to your winter library.

2. Climate – André Maurois

A climate that brings warm breath during the cold days that follow each other during the winter months is a valuable work from the pen of André Maurois. The novel begins with Philip, who grew up in a strict family and thinks everything will be perfect when he finds the extraordinary woman he dreamed about as a child. The work consists of parts about Odile and Isabelle, two women who at different times entered the life of the protagonist and fell in love with him. In a book rich in psychological analysis, one can see two different periods of love. You can add this work of André Maurois, one of the most successful names in French literature, to your list of books you’ll read in the winter.

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Song of the Impossible written by Haruki Murakami, one of Japan’s most important writers, is the most important work that introduced Murakami to the world. The book begins with our hero, who heard the Beatles’ song “Norwegian Forest” while traveling. Our hero is 37 years old, and this work takes him back to his student days in Tokyo. The suicide of a best friend, his rapprochement with a girl after a while, a forced break and a new love affair. “Song of the Impossible” is a simple, bright and warm love story.

Murakami is an outstanding, but the most read author of Japanese literature! A master writer who has made a name for himself with a style that he developed outside of Japanese tradition, he pushes his boundaries again in this work. Events between 1968 and 1970 also convey the social realities of that day. In the center of the novel, in addition to secular events, triple love is mentioned.

4. Winter’s Tale – William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the most important writers in world literature. His valuable work, The Winter’s Tale, is a powerful work written like a play. Recall that the book will be a very good choice for those who like to read literary works in theatrical style. Among the books recommended for reading during the winter months, we recommend that you take a look at this valuable work. In The Winter’s Tale, first published in 1623, there is a theme of jealousy. The language used by Shakespeare in this book is clear and simple. Moreover, I would like to say that the end of this theatrical play was skillfully invented in order to arouse serious surprise in the reader.

5. Winter Diary – Paul Auster

winter reading books

You will witness each period of the writer’s work in The Winter Diary, in which Paul Auster, one of America’s contemporary writers, described his life. You will get to know the author much better by reading a book that contains passages from Auster’s life and conveys the author’s childhood memories. Written by Oster in clear, uncensored language, The Winter Diary has a realistic flavor that transcends the book, like a watched movie. The Winter Diary is another book we highly recommend you add to your reading list, especially during these months.

6. The Book of Discontent – Fernando Pessoa

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Revealed as one of the greatest names in Portuguese literature, Fernando Pessoa continues to cause great repercussions in the literary world with his Book of Disorders, which was published long after his death. The writer, born in Lisbon in 1888, presents this work, which he began writing in 1913, as proof of his entire life. The novel, which the author wrote piecemeal over many years and was compiled after his death, bears important traces of Pessoa’s life, although it is fictionalized from a fictional character.

The author, who defines his book as “a biography of a man who never had a life,” guides his book with the protagonist’s questions about his own life, rather than about events. We encourage you to add The Book of Disorders to your winter reading list to witness the unforgettable author’s unique attitude and the magic of his pen.

7. If a traveler on a winter night – Italo Calvino

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We round out our list of books to read in winter with the postmodernist Italo Calvino’s If a Traveler on a Winter Night. The work is considered one of the most successful novels written in the second person. Comprised of stories that begin but never end, this wonderful work is one of the treasured works that will accompany your coffee during the winter months. On the other hand, we recommend that you start reading the book, as the main author said. You are about to start reading Italo Calvino’s new novel If a Traveler on a Winter Night. Relax. Going to. Let go of all thoughts in your mind.”

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