In this age, when social networks are intertwined with everyday life, there is a very important concept: selfie. Every day, millions of people take millions of square photos, or rather selfies, and share them on social networks. That’s why taking selfies has become a job in itself. Many people strive for the best selfie. Did you know that there are some easy techniques you can apply for the perfect selfie? What’s more, it’s endorsed by world famous names! Here are 6 selfie tricks that celebrities often use…

1. Put your tongue behind your teeth

You may not have heard this before, but proper tongue position is the first step to the perfect selfie. All you have to do is apply a technique called “tongue behind teeth” before taking a selfie and gently press your tongue against the palate behind your teeth. Also used by many famous names, this selfie technique will help you create a prominent jawline by highlighting your cheekbones and bring you one step closer to a no-course selfie.

2. Push your hips back


This selfie secret, which is very well known by many world famous names, is used to look thinner and thinner in photos. To increase the effectiveness of the technique, you can also try standing on your toes as you push your hips back.

3. Use your phone’s rear camera

Many people naturally use the phone’s front camera when taking selfies. Because it is much easier for a person to take pictures of himself with the front cameras of phones. But remember, perfect selfies take effort!

In terms of technical specifications, the rear cameras of mobile phones are much better than the front ones. That’s why rear cameras allow you to make better use of elements that are important to photography, such as light, depth, and clarity. So don’t forget to take advantage of the power of the rear cameras.

4. Avoid complex backgrounds


Remember, the perfect selfie can only be achieved by combining different elements in the most precise way. One of the important elements of a perfect selfie is the background. Take a selfie with a plain background like the world famous names who are famous for their amazing selfies. If your selfie doesn’t have a specific purpose, stay away from messy, moving, and complex landscapes and backgrounds. However, be careful not to include direct light from the Sun or any other source in your selfie.

5. Don’t be afraid to show your hands


Many celebrities who excel at selfies have one thing in common that can often be found in their photos: their hands. After all, these famous names know that your hands give photos a special charm!

Keep your hands out of the camera the next time you try to take a selfie. But also make sure your hands are in a free and comfortable position. For example, do not hold anything in your hands while taking a photo. Instead, you can try to create the focal point of the photo by placing your hand gently over your face.

6. Keep your chin down


In this way, you can make facial features look flatter than they really are. Raise the camera slightly, tilt your chin down slightly and press the shutter button! Also, this method is one of the favorite selfie tricks of Kim Kardashian, who can easily be said to be a selfie expert.

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