The economic crisis in our country causes a significant rise in prices for goods and services. Many citizens have difficulty accessing even basic consumer goods. On the other hand, the automotive sector is one of the sectors where our country has recently experienced exorbitant price increases. Buying a brand new car has become a dream that will never come true for millions of people. The situation in the used car market is no different.

In this context, the Department of Commerce has made a very important statement regarding the automotive sector. The message titled “Press Release on Measures Concerning the Automotive Sector” reported that the “6 months and 6 thousand kilometers” rule, which came into force on July 1, 2022, has been extended and its scope has been expanded. Let’s look at the details together.

Car prices in our country have increased significantly in recent years.

Both new and used vehicles are posting astronomical sales figures. For this reason, buying a new or used car has become a dream that will never come true for countless citizens. In addition, exorbitant prices, unfair competition and profit conditions in the automotive sector are deepening the crisis in the sector.

The Department of Commerce has amended the Used Car Trade Ordinance to prevent excessive price increases in the automotive sector.

The changes, which came into effect on July 1, 2022, were aimed at preventing individuals or organizations involved in the sale of cars from selling used cars that have been driven less than 6 months or 6,000 kilometers. Car galleries, car rental companies or individuals or institutions involved in the sale of cars cannot sell cars until 6 months have passed from the date of first registration or the car has exceeded the limit of 6000 kilometers.

The Department of Commerce, in a statement titled “Press Release on Measures for the Automotive Industry,” announced that the “6 months and 6,000 kilometers” limit has been extended by 6 months until January 1, 2024.

In the statement “As part of the fight against the warehousing and overpricing practices carried out by some companies in the purchase and sale of vehicles for some time, in addition to the intensive inspection measures carried out so far, the Ministry has ordered additional measures to eliminate practices that cause unfair profits and discontent consumers, taking into account the views of representatives of the automotive industry.” and lists the measures that need to be implemented in the coming period.

Individual car sales, which were previously considered commercial activities, were also subject to the restriction.


In the relevant part of the press release “All individual sales that are considered commercial activities will be regularly reviewed by our ministry under the “6 months-6 thousand kilometers” restriction, and administrative fines will be imposed if these sellers violate. legislation. In addition, records of the aforementioned sales and audit results will be regularly submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Finance to ensure the taxation of unrecorded income.‘ was stated.

The statement said that practices will be implemented to eliminate inflated prices in used car ads online.

In addition, it was stated that “enterprises that organize operations that are contrary to the restrictions in the field of marketing and sales were subject to an administrative fine of 35 million 110 thousand 527 lira.” On the other hand, as part of the practice of storing goods, it was reported that in 2021 and 2022, 15 official dealers were subject to an administrative fine of 8 million 292 thousand 360 lira, as well as an administrative fine of 17 million 834 thousand 400 lira. by 4 authorized dealers in May who were found to be using practices that made it difficult for consumers to access Kilometer Zero vehicles.

It was also reported that institutions that were found to be charging above list prices or forcing customers to buy accessories were also fined.


In this context, it was pointed out that an administrative fine of 49 million 44 thousand 600 lira was imposed on 10 authorized dealers, and as a result of the inspections carried out in relation to warehouse activities, the administrative fine amounted to a total of 75 million 171 thousand 360 lira. imposed by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board so far.

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