Since our nose is right in the middle of our face, this might be the place that gets the most attention at first sight. Of course, the image of our nose; This is influenced by the structure of our chin, the shape of the eyes and even the hairstyle. This is why some people may be afraid to try new hairstyles. But don’t worry! Because today we will talk about the most suitable hairstyles for your nose type. Of course, hair is a very personal thing. While the best haircut option may vary depending on the overall ratio of your face, you should also consider your nose before making a decision. With the right hairstyle, you can complete your nose type and look more gorgeous. Wait before you run to the hairdresser! You can also look at the photos in our article to find your nose type. Now let’s look at the details together.

1. Long nose

If you have a long nose, a bob cut that frames your face is just right for you! Hair up to the chin will balance the features of the face, while at the same time making the nose more proportional. If you have this type of nose, run to the hairdresser and do something new! We think it will suit you very well.

2. Wide nose


If you have a wide nose, a parting in the middle will balance out your features. Rihanna often uses this tactic. If he does, then why not?

3. Button nose


If you were born with a short, smooth, button-shaped nose, you may want to add a few layers to your hair. We are talking about a shorter haircut and a more variable model, not a pixie or a bob. This will make your nose stand out from all angles. We are sure that it will really suit you!

4. Hook nose

Hooked noses are very distinctive and pair well with bold haircuts like fringes! This model will balance the upper and lower parts of the face. Plus, this haircut is a great way to hug your nose in style!

5. Round nose

In this nose shape, the lower part of the nose is usually bony and the tip is more fleshy. You can opt for a short pixie cut to accentuate your face and smooth out its features, including your nose. It is both very stylish and very trendy.

6. Upturned nose

And finally, if you have an upturned nose, a layered bob cut is perfect for you! This soft look will create a good balance between your nose and face as it won’t accentuate your features too much.

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