Oral sex is an integral part of sexuality for most people. Has it ever occurred to you that this famous form of foreplay has a rich history? Yes, according to documents, the history of oral sex goes back to Ancient Egypt. It may even be older, we know the past only from written documents. Without further ado, let’s move on to the history of oral sex.

1. The first documented oral sex happened in ancient Egypt.

The first “documented” oral sex, albeit mythological, took place between the Egyptian god-king Osiris and Isis. According to legend, Osiris was killed by his brother Set and cut into pieces. On top of that, his wife Isis finds the pieces and collects his body, but unfortunately cannot find Osiris’s penis. He then made a makeshift penis out of clay and stuck it in Osiris’s groin. Afterwards, Isis sucks on the clay penis, reviving it. That’s all.

2 Pompeii people loved sex

Not to mention Pompeii when it comes to the history of oral sex! Pompeii is an Italian city that was sunk in molten lava as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The inhabitants of this city were very fond of sex. About 50 years ago, erotic frescoes depicting lesbians, groups and multiple oral sex were discovered in the baths of Pompeii. At that time, tourists visiting the city had to pass through these baths to reach the center. It is believed that the paintings were also created in order to put these visitors in an exuberant mood. In Pompeii there was even a magnificent two-story brothel called “Lupanaria”. This brothel has the same heartbreaking erotic paintings.

3. It happens in ancient Greek literature.

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It is known that oral sex was practiced in ancient Greece. In fact, two heterosexual men took turns performing oral sex on each other for some unknown reason. Even the great poet Archilochus wrote interesting things about the Thracian man and oral sex.

4. A large section of the Kamasutra is devoted to oral sex.

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The Kamasutra, which means “book of pleasure”, was the first written source on sexuality. The authors of the book portrayed oral sex as a ritual. In the original Sanskrit version of the Kamasutra, an entire chapter is dedicated to what is basically defined as the art of oral sex. This chapter details eight different types of oral sex. Some positions are so difficult that it is almost impossible for both parties to enjoy!

5. Oral sex was a form of punishment in ancient Rome.

Oral sex in ancient Rome was considered a terrible thing. It was even worse than anal sex. Moreover, the ancient Romans considered anal sex an unforgivable vice. However, oral sex was a method of punishment for minor offenses. A thief who stole someone’s thing might have to give that person a blowjob instead of going to jail.

6. Was the cause of the execution in the 19th century

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In the 19th century, oral sex was considered a mortal sin, as sperm were erupted. Those who were caught doing this act could even be executed.

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