Summer is a holiday and entertainment for many people. However, there are some difficulties that the summer season brings when millions of people are tired for the whole year. Chief among them are the sweltering heat and, of course, mosquitoes! Fortunately, there are several methods that can be applied to get rid of these two problems.

Macy Wollance, a mosquito ecologist at Oxford University, says there are very simple ways to protect yourself from bloodsuckers that can turn summer into a nightmare. Here are 6 extremely simple and effective ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

1. Change the brand of soap you use

According to scientists, mosquitoes find their targets by sniffing. What’s more, there are some flavors that they particularly prefer. According to research, these annoying creatures turn to foods like plant nectar and sugar when they’re not feeding on blood. For this reason, if you are a popular mosquito target, it may be helpful to change the soap you use.

Most soaps on the market have floral or fruity scents. Using a soap that smells like this can make you a natural target for mosquitoes. On the other hand, some scientific studies show that using a soap containing coconut oil is the best mosquito repellent solution.

2. Stay away from bananas


Scientific studies carried out in the United States of America in recent years have revealed very interesting data on popular mosquito targets. Accordingly, the smell of our hands becomes much more attractive to mosquitoes, especially after eating a banana! In other words, you need to pay attention to the foods you consume to protect yourself from relentless mosquito attacks.

3. Cut down on beer

Smells are very important for mosquitoes, which use their highly developed sense of smell to select prey. However, there are certain smells that mosquitoes find much more attractive.

For example, according to a 2010 study, mosquitoes are very sensitive to the body odor of people who drink beer. In other words, if you don’t want to become a natural target for mosquitoes, think twice before drinking beer.

4. Use deodorant

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According to a study published in one of the respected scientific journal Nature, mosquitoes cannot land on surfaces covered with deodorant. The reason for this interesting situation is a compound called isopropyltetradecanoate in deodorants. In addition, sweating is one of the factors that attract mosquitoes. A related study shows a reduction of up to 56 percent in the number of mosquitoes landing on deodorized surfaces.

5. Apply to mixtures with Deet raw materials

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Deet is a chemical used in many insect repellents on the market and can be applied to bare skin. The smell of this chemical, which leaves the skin feeling oily, mosquitoes do not like at all. For this reason, scientists say insect repellants containing the chemical dit are a very effective alternative for mosquito repellent.

6. Spray your clothes too

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It is extremely important to apply insect repellent to your skin to protect yourself from mosquitoes. However, many people do not like the idea of ​​applying these chemicals directly to the skin. Fortunately, this is not the only way to get rid of mosquitoes. Sprays containing permethrin on clothing are also effective, scientists say.

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