When watching a movie or series, sound quality is just as important as picture quality. To enjoy a high performance viewing experience, you need to be able to hear bass and treble on a clear channel. What if we told you that there are sound technologies that will improve the viewing experience in your home and allow you to hear all the sound details in movies in real terms! The soundbar models on the market that offer 3D sound technology immerse you in the movie and enhance the perception of reality.

Of course, the level of reality of the preferred soundbar model also depends on the number of channels. We have prepared a nice list for you, so that you can choose the most suitable soundbar for the cinema hall and the hall of your home. What is a soundbar? How do I use the soundbar for the best sound quality? What are the soundbar recommendations and suggestions? What are the prices of soundbars on the market? Let’s look at the curious together.

What is a soundbar?

sound bar; It is an elongated cylindrical device. This device has built-in speakers. The soundbar is also a one-piece external speaker solution. It is especially suitable for placement under the TV and can be used in conjunction with an external subwoofer.

On the other hand, it is also referred to as next-generation devices that can receive sound source wirelessly. In 2002, Pioneer first released a single Barca soundbar that delivered 5.1 sound. Later, other popular audio and technology companies started making their own products.

One of the most curious questions about soundbar models is: “What is the price range of the products?” the question is. Soundbars are known for being cheaper solutions compared to home theater systems. Designed to maximize the sound quality in your home and sold under a variety of brand names, soundbar models come in price ranges that vary by market. Let’s take a look at the best soundbars on the market together and take a closer look at our list of soundbar recommendations!

1. Samsung HW-A650/TK, 3.1ch


At the top of our best soundbar list is the Samsung HW-A650/TK 3.1 channel unit. Offering a quality sound system that surrounds you, the Samsung device also supports DTS Virtual:X, which makes your sound system 3D, recreating sound in an unknown dimension.

If you want to boost the bass for maximum surround sound, you can activate the bass boost mode on your device. The built-in subwoofer takes powerful and deep bass to a new level, bringing the sound to the highest quality. You can take your listening experience to the next level with the deep bass speaker on your device.

What’s more, you can create a cinema-quality sound system by emphasizing the bass with deeper bass and precise notes. Your Samsung device automatically analyzes your audio sources to optimize the sound of the content you watch. So, whether you’re watching a loud match or a series with quiet dialogue, you can count on the clear sound of this superb device for a perfect TV viewing experience. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

2. Sony HT-S400, 2.1 channels, 330W


The second device on our list combines high-quality Dolby Digital with S-Force PRO Front Surround virtual surround sound technology. It manages to immerse you in your favorite movies by emulating cinematic surround sound.

Driven by powerful speakers, the soundbar delivers full-range audio throughout the room. Technologies such as the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and Split Toothed Edge in the speaker enhance voice clarity. So whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, you can follow any dialogue without missing a beat.

The 160mm driver and powerful wireless subwoofer deliver deeper, richer bass. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

3. Philips TAB8205 Dolby Audio 2.1ch

With a Dolby soundbar, you can easily adapt to your favorite shows and movies. The Philips Bluetooth Soundbar supports Dolby Digital Plus for a more immersive and immersive viewing experience.

With a built-in subwoofer, the soundbar connects to voice assistant-enabled devices. With Google Assistant, you can use Alexa-enabled devices or speakers to play music through the soundbar.

Convenient to use due to its design, the device can be easily placed on the wall or under the TV with the included wall hanger. The Philips B8205/10 Soundbar 2.1 kit contains a built-in subwoofer, battery, remote control, power cord, wall mount and quick start guide. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

4. LG Electronics SP2


LG SP2 Soundbar TV 100W 2.1, another soundbar model on our list, offers a built-in subwoofer, Bluetooth, Dolby Digital, AI Sound Pro, optical input, USB, HDMI I/O functions.

TV Sound Mode Share: Connect the soundbar to your TV and enjoy amazing sound. With the LG Soundbar SP2’s own sound modes, you can enjoy your favorite content, including movies and games.

Don’t overlook device features designed for optimal compatibility. You can control device performance, volume and sound modes simply by using the LG TV remote. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

5. Lenovo 10W

The Lenovo 10W, which sits at number 5 on our list of the best soundbar models, is one of the top picks among the best soundbar models on the market. The Lenovo soundbar model, which has Bluetooth, Aux, flash memory, SD card connection type, is made in black.

Charging voltage: USB is planned as 5V. Product frequency response 80Hz-180kHz. The noise figure of this high quality sound model is 75 dB. The frequency range of the product is 20Hz-20KHz.

You can explore this product in detail to maximize the sound quality in your home and get an efficient viewing experience. You can click here to purchase the product.

6. Denon


Offering high quality movie sound, Denon offers a unique home theater experience with the DHT-S316 soundbar with deep bass driver. This soundbar model also has much more than a built-in TV sound system.

The Denon TV sound system features virtual surround sound and supports Dolby Digital and DTS. The volume is adjusted using the wireless SUBWOOFER. The included wireless subwoofer delivers a massive, perceptibly deep bass system. So you can enjoy home theater and high-quality music on a whole new level.

The Denon Dialogue Enhancer is ideal for movies and TV shows. Thus, dialogue can be distinguished without adjusting the overall volume. With its flat design, the 5.5 cm high Denon soundbar fits seamlessly into almost any part of your home. On the other hand, you can easily mount it on the wall or place it in front of your TV. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

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