A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit Chile, a South American country located in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

An earthquake with an epicenter just 25 kilometers from the city of Ovalle occurred on land at 03:19 local time.

The epicenter of the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 is located near the city of Ovalle with a population of 77 thousand people. The zero point of the earthquake, which occurred 25 kilometers from Ovalle, is 70 kilometers from Coquimbo with a population of 161 thousand people.

It is reported that the tremors that occurred at a depth of 70 kilometers underground were felt over a wide area.

Chile, which is one of the countries where seismic movements are most common in the world, is located in the earthquake belt, also known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. The Pacific Ring of Fire, the largest body of water on Earth, spans the entire length of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ring of Fire, the line where about 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes occur, is also home to dozens of active volcanoes.

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