Fitness apps today have become very popular among those who work from home or don’t have the time. We would like to briefly talk about these apps before moving on to our list, which can answer the question of which fitness apps are the best for users.

Gym membership fees are currently skyrocketing, so it might be time to download exercise best practices instead. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, one of the fitness apps on our list can help.

For example, if you want to learn how to train for a marathon, you’ll focus on running apps like Strava. Most of these apps offer a personal trainer subscription. You can access the best coaching services and trainings in the paid versions of the apps. However, free versions of apps like Nike Training Club will help. Here are the best fitness apps you can use in 2023 👇

Nike Training Club

In March 2020, Nike made paid content on the Nike Training Club app completely free for 90 days, making it available to help people stay fit at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the application has been offered to users completely free of charge. Nike Training Club no longer has a paid version, unlike other apps on our list of the best fitness apps. However, the update removed some of the tutorials that used to be popular features of the app.

You now have the ability to filter workouts by muscle group (Abs & Abs, Arms & Shoulders or Hips & Legs), workout focus (Endurance, Mobility, Strength & Yoga), and equipment. There is also the possibility of filtering by duration, level and intensity.

You can download the Nike Training Club app from the links for Android and iOS.


Strava; It is one of the best running apps on the market with free and paid subscriptions that allow runners, cyclists and walkers to track their progress.

Despite the app’s reputation for running and cycling, you can track yourself in 31 sports. Examples include hiking, canoeing, e-biking, rowing, downhill skiing, swimming and yoga.

While the free version of the app is excellent, the paid version gives users the ability to use Strava’s route tool. This tool gives you recommendations based on where other runners in your area have logged their miles, their workouts, advanced performance metrics, and training plans.

Strava is a fitness app designed to track your progress. It also supports many running trackers in addition to Wear OS and Apple Watch devices.

You can download the Strava app from the links for Android and iOS.

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EvolveYou: fitness for women

best fitness apps

If you like to alternate your workouts with different exercises like cardio, strength training, Pilates, then EvolveYou is a workout app worth considering.

Developed by personal trainer Chrissy Sela for Women, the app includes six different trainers, and they all have different workout plans to choose from.

EvolveYou stands out because the exercises are simple and extremely easy to do. You can also play your own music or listen to a podcast during your workout. Because you don’t have to follow the exercises here with the video. The app has a free 14 day trial that allows you to access all areas and try workouts before signing up.

You can download the EvolveYou: Fitness For Women app from the links for Android and iOS.


best fitness apps

Whether you’re a CrossFit fan or just taking your first steps into the world of weightlifting…you’re likely to find something for yourself on the HWPO workout app. The workouts on the app were created by Matt Frazier, the only CrossFit athlete in history to win five CrossFit games in a row. The workouts are explained with instructional videos to help you master perfect technique and are easy to follow.

HWPO stands for “hard work pays off”. They can also be done both at the gym and at home, as they don’t require a lot of equipment. The downside is that the application is definitely expensive, but if you are not embarrassed by the price, then you will get a lot for your money here.

You can download the HWPO app from the links for Android and iOS.

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Sweat: fitness app for women

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Sweat is a comprehensive workout app with a variety of programs and recipes to help you reach your goals. There is a structured program for every woman, from new moms taking their first steps towards postpartum fitness to those who want to feel better.

In addition to Kayla, coaches include Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Brittany Williams and Stephanie Sanzo. Workouts are also compatible with Apple Watch. There is no free version of the app, but beginners can sign up for a 7-day free trial. Finally, we can say that the Sweat app is exclusively for women, but there is no reason why men can’t follow their workout plans.

You can download the Sweat: Fitness for Women app from the links for Android and iOS.

Do fitness apps really work?

best fitness apps

Many apps these days offer an immersive and interactive workout just like you would in a gym. While there are many free fitness apps out there, the paid subscription models also offer a lot of variety. In short, thanks to these apps, you can get your desired toned body without spending a lot of money on gyms.

What are the best YouTube fitness channels?

While fitness apps are the option many people choose to achieve their health goals, the fact that these apps are paid may be a downside for some. However, there is an alternative option for those who want to exercise in accordance with a healthy lifestyle. Many of the fitness channels you can watch on free platforms like YouTube can offer quality and effective workouts as well as paid apps.

Through these channels, you can create a suitable training program for yourself by viewing the exercises offered by professional trainers, without the need for any equipment at home or on the street. In addition, fitness channels often offer helpful tips and nutrition advice on a wide variety of topics. There are many free channels on YouTube that you can try out. Here are the best fitness channels and videos you can find on YouTube:

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