While detective dramas and unique natural wonders come to mind at the mention of Scandinavia, we actually come across many talents in the name of music! Hundreds of names await in this geography, which are also home to legendary names such as ABBA, Röyksopp and Robin! We’ve rounded up 5 Scandinavian songs we’ve been listening to over and over these days to get you started! Here are some Scandinavian songs we think you’ll love…

Reza Saffa Park – Give All You Can

We start our list of Scandinavian songs with Resa! In fact, many people know Teresa Frostad Eggesbø, whose stage name is Reza Saffa Park, as an actress. Reza made a name for herself, especially in Turkey, with the Norwegian youth series SKAM, which was popular all over the world, and then the Netflix series about Norse mythology Ragnarok. But he has long conquered our hearts not only with his game, but also with music. His new single Give It All You Can is a song that will make you feel different emotions every time you listen to it!

Mari Sahba – Azerbaijani baby

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Marie Sahba, one of our favorite musicians from Norway under the name of Nordik Simit, talks about the Azerbaijani Baby and her family background. Nice to hear a few words in Turkish and saz in the background in a melancholic Scandinavian pop song! Mari Sahba also draws inspiration from old Turkish songs because of her love for Turkey!

Fogg – I feel fantastic

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Swedish psycho-rock band Phogg with their new songs! Unlike other Scandinavian songs we have shared, I Feel Fantastic stands out with its stimulating beat! Ideal for those who want to increase the energy of the day!

Siv Jacobsen, Ane Brun – Sun, Moon, Beginning

scandinavian songs

Siv Jacobsen, the unique voice of Scandinavia, met the legend Ane Brun! Siv Jacobsen, who wrote this song a few years ago while hiking in a dark and rainy November, wrote it for a friend who saved him from a difficult time in these dark times👇

depressive – silence

scandinavian songs

Even if you don’t think much when you say “Turkish Delight with sound”, you will understand what we mean when you listen to Presno. You will want to listen to this mix of folk and pop music that will take you to the warm summer of Scandinavia at any time of the day! 👇

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