The appearance of the person with whom we will be, one way or another, is important for all of us. Psychologists say that we make decisions about people we just met within 5 seconds of meeting them. Thus, appearance becomes one of the mandatory elements of relationships. But research from Florida State University shows that women in relationships with less attractive men are happier than others. Let’s look at the causes of this situation together.

1. They are easier to talk to

Beauty is a strength factor for many, but sometimes it can backfire. Most people are afraid to talk to people who are considered very beautiful in society. It’s like we think these people will be cold and naturally we can’t feel comfortable around them. By the standards of beauty, it is easier to strike up romantic or friendly relationships with “average” men. We are comfortable with them.

2. They treat you well


It is known that men who are considered less attractive in society are more loving and kind than others. A study of newlyweds in their twenties and marriages in which the women were more attractive than their wives found that men are more willing to please their wives.

3. You don’t feel pressure.


The above study also looked at marriages in which the man is more attractive than the woman. In these relationships, it was noticed that the women were unhappy because they felt the pressure. In addition, these individuals were found to be predisposed to eating disorders as a result of an obsession with diet and exercise.

4. They are more willing to help.

At the end of the study, it was also found that if men were less attractive in relationships, they received more gifts and did housework for their wives. As a result of this behavior, women’s feelings of happiness and appreciation have been found to strengthen relationships.

5. They value relationships

According to psychologists, less handsome men don’t have many options for dating or one-night stands. For this reason, they prefer long-term, healthy relationships. They can also make their spouses happy because they spend most of their time in this relationship.

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